Free Crochet Patterns for Toys & Kids

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I learnt to knit when I was a teenager.. and since then always considered myself a KNITTER.. however, a few years ago, I saw a bunch of the most adorable Amigurumi Crochet Patterns and I just KNEW that I had to learn how to crochet! Read all about my journey on how to teach yourself to crochet!! And hopefully you will find the inspiration to have a go too. Many of you landing on this page however, already know how to crochet and are looking for great free crochet patterns to download!

Free Kids Crochet Patterns

I have brought together some fantastic crochet pattern guest posts hosted here on Red Ted Art, but also list some adorable crochet patterns to print from Etsy. Enjoy!

Crochet for Beginners

We have a number of crochet video tutorials you can check out in our Beginner’s Guide to Crochet. These will help you learn how to make the basic crochet stitches, such as a magic circle, single crochet, half double crochet and slit stitch. We also have a very detailed, pdf, photo and video tutorial for how to make a magic ring!

Free Crochet Patterns on Red Ted Art

This check shares a fabulosu collection of crochet toys for toddlers, corchet toy patterns for beginners and other free crochet patterns to print! They are all simply adorable and my daughter wants me to make them ALL for her..

Or how about this Free Cat Crochet Pattern? Cute and easy and the result is just adorable. Would certainly make a great gift!

crochet bird pattern free

Lovely little Crochet Bird Pattern to make for spring or Easter. This is a great free pattern for beginners using basic stitches!

cute crochet monkey pattern

Adorable Clinging Monkey Crochet Pattern – use different yarns and hooks to make different sized monkeys! The pattern of course is free! BUT if you fancy an ad-free pdf version and you want to help out a young designer, you can get it here. She makes a happy dance with every sale!

crochet pattern

Super cute Jellyfish Crochet Pattern! Love this little cutie. The Jellyfish legs are perfect for using up odds and ends of yarn too!

Who doesn’t love a Unicorn DIY? We love Unicorns and again, no Crochet Toy Pattern collection would be complete without a Crochet Unicorn Pattern!

turtle crochet pattern

Learn how to make a Turtle Plushie! Here is a super cute Strawberry Turtle Crochet Pattern, though of course you can also make it as a regular Sea Turtle Crochet Plushie. So fun!

crochet bunny rabbit

Love bunnies? Have a go at this free Crochet Bunny Pattern today. Too cute!

cute bunny crochet 2 in 1

Or how about this cute little bunny crochet pattern? This is a fun 3 in 1 project – either make your plain amigurumi bunny, your fun frog bunny plushie or a bear bunny version!!

teddy bear crochet patterns

How about this adorable Crochet Bear Pattern? Another creat design by Craft Alotl for Red Ted Art! And perfect for beginner crocheters too! Again, you can directly to the ad-free pdf version here. Though of course a free pattern is available too.

Or have a go at our fabulous Axolotl Crochet Pattern – you can get the Free Axolotl Pattern here, or if you wish to get a great printable ad-free crochet pattern, you can get that here.

These two projects are side by side, as they are GREAT projects for beginners! You only need to crochet between 9 and 10 rounds and to make either of these cuties. They are made using super chunky chenille, but you CAN use ordinary yarn to make them – but of course, that will mean they will be smaller – perfect to fit on a key chain or as a backpack charm! Check out the free crochet bee pattern and the free crochet heart pattern!

Next we have this deliciosly cute Hedgehog Crochet Pattern.. oh man, that rainbow wool.. I just want to eat him up. The perfect little Crochet Toy for Autumn and Fall!

I can’t get over the cuteness that is this Avocado Crochet Friend! How fun!!

This summer has been a summer of Mermaid DIYs.. my daughter is at the edge where Mermaids are everything. So I knew that we needed a super duper cute Mermaid Corchet Pattern for you. Check out this fabulous design as well as the hair on the other sample mermaid. It is just SO SO SOOOOO adorable. Another must make!


As part of our Ellie & Friends series (see the next amigurumi doll!) we have an adorable little dress up amigurumi mermaid crochet doll too!

crochet doll

Amigurumi Doll Crochet Pattern – have a go at our for Red Ted Art readers, free doll pattern, with our sweet Ellie & friends dolls! First in a series of adorable dolls to make.

alice doll crochet

Here is the next in the series of little Crochet Doll Patterns – our Alice Doll Pattern! Flex your crochet skills and have a go at treble crochet, half double crochet and double crochet, plus front loop only! And make this great little Alice Doll Crochet Pattern!

indian doll crochet pattern with saree

May Crochet Doll is our little doll in an Indian Sari. Isn’t she the sweetest? What colours would you choose for your Sari?

free penguin crochet beginners

Have a go at these adorable little Amigurumi Penguins! They work really well as “stand alone” penguins, or you could make them as little Christmas ornaments!

cute pumpkin

Super cute mini pumpkin crochet pattern – a great little crochet pattern for beginners. This would be lovely as part of any Fall decorations – be it Halloween Pumpkins or Thanksgiving Decor (wouldn’t these look lovely as little place cards?).

Make a little crochet rose – this is a great crochet rose pattern for beginners, as it practices your single crochet and half crochet stitches and only needs a little yarn left overs. Once you get the hang of this rose, why not combine a whole set of them and make a crochet rose wreath?

Or how about these cutest little Amigurumi Cat Crochet Patterns? This Dumpling Kitty Pattern is available for Free on Ravelry! Hooray.

Cutest little mini pig crochet pattern by Happy Berry! I want to make a whole bunch of these as “Lucky New Year” piggies!! Or wouldn’t they be great as “Year of the Pig” crafts next Chinese New Year?!

Learn how to crochet Fruity Pot Holders for summer – another bright and cheerful Crochet Pattern..

Is there a new baby in the house? Need to crochet an adorable Baby Gift in a hurry.. have a go at these wonderful Crochet Baby Booties!

Ladybird Hat Crochet Pattern

Looking for the next age group? Baby has outgrown its darling Baby Booties.. time for a DIY Crochet Hat Pattern? Love this Ladybug Crochet Pattern. Simply lovely!

Crocheted Rosette Headband Flower

I love these simple little Crochet Egg Cozy – they are the perfect crochet project for beginners! And also makes a lovely gift idea!

Finally, we have one last easy crochet pattern for beginners – the crochet rose! Just lovely.

For Christmas cheer we have this adorable Gingerbread Man Crochet Pattern!

The Fox Ornament Pattern is free in this great set of Woodland Animals!

Adorable Snowman Crochet Ornament

Cuest Snowman Crochet Ornament – check out the rest of the gang, which includes Santa, Elf and Reindeer Ornaments too!

Crochet Mickey Mouse Ornament – the Santa one is a free pattern!

I hope you loved all these amazing free Crochet Patterns!

I now have a set of Crochet Patterns from Esty, which I couldn’t resist sharing with you – yes you have to pay a little for these, but I think they are totally worth it. Please note that the Etsy links are affiliate links, should you choose to purchase via these, I will earn a small comission which goes towards the upkeep of this free site!

Cutest Corchet Patterns to Download and Print #crochet

More Adorable Crochet Patterns

This section contains some ADORABLE patterns, but they aren’t all free. I still wanted to share them with you, as they are so cute and only cost a few dollars to purchase! Note – affiliate links have been added for convenience. These don’t cost you anything.

Potato Crochet Pets

Have you heard of the Potato Pets Collection? They are a series of ridiculously cute potato crochet patterns, turned into the sweetest little pets. The designs are created by Craft_alotl, and here is the house pet series. As part of this bundle, you get a bunny, cat, pug and hamster potato pet. They are totally scalable too – just switch out your yarn and hooks, to make bigger versions. The small ones half filled with rice, make wonderful sensory toys to hold and gently squish. If made in lush, super chunky and cozy yarn, they make great plushies or even doorstops! Enjoy. (PS Craft Alotl is a “teen” designer on etsy and ravelry.. and all sales go towards her college fund!).

dino crochet pattern

Similarly we have a cute dino crochet pattern too!

strawberry cow crochet pattern

Or.. have a go at the “normal” and Strawberry Cow Crochet Patterns! These are so stinking cute!

With Autumn just around the corner, how adorable are these Crochet Owls? I so want a set! Get yours from malaDesigns!

Similarly, I adore this Family of Chicks. Aren’t they wonderful? The mother hen is just adorable and love the simplicity of the baby chicks. Make one in every colour. Get the pattern from DMC! UPDATE: DMC is no longer available but here are some adorable alternatives!

Or how about these cutest of cute under the see Crochet Animals? That seahosre and the octopus crochet is just adorable. Again, get all the info over on DCM – UPDATE: the original etsy store is no longer available, but here are more cute jelly fish crochet patterns to try!

Next up, there is this wonderful Baby Crochet Blanket with Hearts Pattern. The Hat and I has all the info for you.

A wonderful alternative to the traditional Baby Crochet Blanket is a Baby Cocoon Corchet Pattern? Like these seriously cute Owl Cocoons from Grammie’s Hats!

Love the idea of these cutes OWL CROCHET Pattern turned into an Owl Crochet Scarf! So fun for Autumn and Fall. Again a fantasic pattern by The Hat and I!

And I am dying of Baby Lamb Cuteness! You simply HAVE to make this pattern by Kristi Tullus!