Great Ideas For All The Family This Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and you’re probably already thinking about how you can celebrate your spouse, mother, aunt, or other family member. If you want to do something original this year, skip the standard bouquet of flowers, and make your gift more meaningful. Here are four ideas that require only a small budget and a big imagination.

Give mum the night off from cooking.

One of the easiest (and most appreciated) ways you can treat mum on the holiday created just for her is to declare the kitchen a “no work” zone for her. Get the kids together and create a meal from one of her favourite dishes to show thanks for all the cooking she does for the family. While you do the heavy lifting in the kitchen, the little ones can dazzle her with their artistic talent by creating a special Mother’s Day menu complete with their drawings of her as well as a colourful course listing. If the kids are anxious to help out in the kitchen, put them in charge of a simple dessert, such as ice cream scoops with cookie crumbles on top.

Create a spa day.

Whether your budget is stretched much too tight to afford an actual spa day or you just think she would appreciate a relaxing time with family more, making a peaceful oasis out of your home is an excellent way to spend Mother’s Day. First, look up recipes online for an all-natural facial treatment. Many products from the kitchen, such as honey and milk, can be mixed together to create a moisturising and softening mask for the skin. Then, find out when mum will be arriving home so that you can surprise her with a bubble bath just for her. As you draw the bath, the kids can help put flower petals in the tub so that she feels extra special. And to provide her with entertainment as she soaks, have the kids create personalised cards that she can read. Afterwards, apply her facial mask and offer a foot rub.

Give her the early bird family special.

If mum doesn’t have any plans for Mother’s Day morning, treat her to a celebration before she even has time to put on her slippers. Making a breakfast in bed tray for her is one of the best ways to get kids involved in a Mother’s Day surprise because it is the easiest meal to prepare. Little ones can butter the toast while you make fresh squeezed orange juice and put on some bacon or ham. Other breakfast ideas include pancakes (the kids can “decorate” them with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and fresh fruit), porridge with cinnamon and sugar, or French toast. Make sure the kids also create a special Mother’s Day card to place on the tray as well, and you can spruce it up with freshly cut flowers.

Freshen up her wardrobe.

Many mothers always appreciate a gift that is wearable, and Mother’s Day is your chance to go all out. First, snoop around in the closet to find out what size she wears, and then go shopping for a little black dress that she can put on to go out on special occasions. Gentlemen, even if you don’t know women’s fashion very well, there’s no need to fret; when it comes to black dresses, simple is better because it makes it more versatile. Next, pair her new dress with a new perfume. Then get the kids to make her some original jewellery, such as a beaded bracelet and matching necklace. A jewellery kit can help you with this part, and it guarantees that almost anything the children put together will be a tasteful yet exotic-looking statement piece that she can wear with her dress.

If these ideas have made your wheels turn, don’t be afraid to venture out even further in your quest for even more original Mother’s Day gift ideas.