Kids Crafts: 4 Seasons – Winter Colours

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valentines for kidsHello! Remember our Four Seasons of 2011? Well… I wanted to start another set of Four Seasons with both children for 2012. I think it is a wonderful way to explore the seasonal changes and I noticed that Red Ted really enjoyed the process last year and that he gets that something keeps changing in his environment. He loves saying “it is Winter now Mummy, look at the trees” and showing me that he has “understood”. After much oohing and aahing, I decided we would go for a “stained glass” window craft – as it something that both children can do.

It is mainly inspired by the book:

Frederick Leo Lionni

Fredrick, Leo Lionni

Fredrick is a book about a little mouse that through his poetry and words bring comfort to the other mice in a harsh and cold winter, when all food has been eaten. It is an interesting story, as Lionni shows us the value of the arts: all the other mice are busy collecting food and supplies for the winter, whilst Fredrick “sits there absorbing he world around him”. When the others ask him what he is doing, he saying that he is building supplies for the long bleak winter. The industrious mice doubt this very much, but leave him be… Winter comes. The mice retreat and eat their provisions. As all the supplies are indeed eaten and the mice start to feel glum and bleak, they turn to Fredrick for help… he warms their hearts by talking of the sun rays “can you feel them? all warm and golden?”. “Can you see the blue of the cornflowers, an red of the poppies” (NB: We have the German book, so these are not literal quotes). The mice all close their eyes, listen to Fredrick and their hearts and minds are filled with warmth an colour. Poets and artist DO bring value in our society – they may not feed our hungry tummies, but they warm our hearts and soul.

Our Craft

I asked the children the same thing (well kind of). I said, it is winter now. What colours do you think mean Winter? Red Ted said BLUE and WHITE and MORE BLUE. Are there any other colours? What about the sunsets in winter. What colours do we see? Red Ted said: PINK. I want some PINK and some PURPLE.

I confess, I did have the “relevant” colours lying nearby, so he probably saw them and just wanted to add some of those colours to his picture. But we have  observed bright blue skies and purple sunsets. So those are the colours we went with.

I prepped the Contact paper and a “sillhouette” of the tree for the children and they got to cutting and sticking!

winter craft kids

four seasons craft

four seasons craft kids

They loved it. Pip Squeak did run out of steam a little and didn’t cover her whole picture, so that there was some “sticky surface” left. So I asked her if I should help her and what colours she wanted me to add. She asked for extra white and some pinks. So though she didn’t stick all of it, she chose the colours.

Pip Squeak’s

Red Ted’s!

four seasons tissue paper craft

four seasons craft

I LOVE what they made. Aren’t these pretty? Can’t wait to have a go at Spring!!!!