Halloween Bride: Costumes Kids Can Make


Last year, I created a set of No Sew Halloween Costumes ideas for the children’s supplement of The Times – the costume ideas are aimed at 8- 12 yrs old to make themselves (or younger kids to make with an adult) and that don’t cost the earth to make. I thought now would be a good time to start sharing these with you…

Today, I have our “Halloween Bride” – a super fabulous costume as this is REALLY cheap to make.

Cheap Halloween Costumes for Kids


Materials: a roll of white bin liners (refuse bags), some ribbon/ elastic, a hair band, a little glue and face paints.

  • You need to cut your pin liner into strips. Make sure that they are joined at one – this allows you to then knot the bin liner to your ribbon in the same fashion as per the witch’s tutu. Place the closed end of your bin liner strip under the ribbon/ elsastic and thread the loose ends through. Don’t pull too tightly, as the plastic may tear. Continue with more strands to make your bride’s “Tutu”. (Check out how to make a No Sew Tutu for more photos)
  • Make some bows: Taking strips of bin liner. Fold it until you have a piece approximately 10cm long and 5cm wide. Wrap another piece of bin liner around the middle and glue in place to hold.
  • Headpiece: Take your hair band and glue strips of bin liner to it + one bow if desired.
  • Body of the dress: Take one bin liner. Cut open the bottom. Step IN TO the liner and pull up and put your arms through the handle (never pull the dress over your head, always step in or out). Glue some bows around the top. And step into your tutu.
  • Add your head piece
  • Add white face paint and DONE!

Where with white or silver tights and a white t-shirt.

Scare your neighbours.

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Happy Trick or Treating!