Kids Crafts: Halloween Crafts – Eye Balls

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I bet you were wondering “more Halloween Crafts?!” Well here are some ghoulish Halloween Eye Balls for you .. best of all they GLOW IN THE DARK!!!!! How spooky is that?!

We came up with the idea, as we love Googly Eyes so much.. and thought how about some “giant” googly eyes that we could hide around the house and make things look SPOOKY… and then… we decided to add some glow in the dark paint. Whoop whoop.

I confess… to having these Eye Balls in my “Craft Fail Category”. Personally, I REALLY don’t like this particular Halloween Craft. But every child that walks into the house and sees them exclaims “Wow, cool”, especially the older boys. So here they are. For you…..

Glow in the dark eye balls – Materials:

  • pairs of stones,
  • white paint,
  • green paint,
  • black and red markers,
  • glow in the dark paint (find glow in the dark paint here US/ UK (affiliate links)
  • brushes and a sponge

How to make your glow in the dark eye balls

1) The kids painted the stones white – you don’t have to paint them all the way round – so you can rest them on a dish and paint them without getting too covered in paint.

2) Once dry, we added 2-3 layes of the glow in the dark paint. As it was very gel like, we had to let each layer dry first. Which is a litte boring

3) Once fully dry, I cut a circle into an old sponge, so that the kids could “print” on their own eyes in green or brown

4) Let dry again, with a marker pen add details such a pupils, a rim around the eye and red veins.


NOTE: the stones DO loose their charge reasonably quickly, but also “recharge” quite quickly.

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