Handprint Alphabet – W for… Walrus


Oooh we were looking forward to the Handprint W for a long time. Something irresistable about a walrus. Red Ted thought the “moustache” was the best bit! So here we are in our Handprint Alphabet Crafts series with W for Walrus! Some say that it looks a bit like the Dr Seuss Lorax. Mmmh yes. But I guess that makes it all the more fun!!

Handprint arts and crafts for preschoolers

For this craft we focussed on the Walrus’s facial features!

preschooler alphabet crafts

Once again a “full” red hand.

preschooler alphabet handprints

Then cut out some felt or paper shapes to make up the features. The little black thing is supposed to be his tail.

preschool handprint crafts

Aren’t they cute?!

handprint crafts

Pip Squeak decided to paint by herself.. then got distracted by colour mixing:

toddler painting

Red Ted duly joined in:

preschooler handprints

Check out the rest of the alphabet:

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Hope you liked our preschooler handprint craft today!