How to… Make No Sew Bunting (2)



no sew bunting

Remember how many moons ago, I made some “No Sew” bunting? Well…. recently a good friend of mine got married and we needed LOTS of bunting in a hurry. We made an even simple version of “No Sew Bunting“…. no iron or sewing machine in sight. Result – lots of wedding bunting in about 1/3 of the time!

no sew wedding bunting

Materials: Lots of different fabrics (go to your local Scrapstore or thrift store for them), string, pinking shears, PVA or fabric glue

no sew wedding bunting

1) Make a triangle template from card – a 6″ line across the bottom, and then from the centre another 6″line going up. Then connect the ends to make a triangle.

2) Fold your fabric. Align the straight part of your triangle with the fold. Cut your fabric with pinking shears – when you unfold your fabric, you should have a diamond shape.

3) Fold the diamond over your string and form a triangle again and glue in place.

no sew bunting

Repeat and done! We got quite a lot of it done in an hour or so.


Not bad for No Sew Bunting, isn’t it?!

I hope you have a go!