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Time for some more fun Andy Warhol activities with this fantastic Handprint Pop Art. Not only is this a great and EASY Pop Art project for KS1 (or any age group!), but it also makes for a great Father’s Day Art Project – always a great Father’s Day Gift! Oh and of course.. you have the perfect pun: HAndy Warhol. Genius.

Collage of Handprint Pop Art for Father's Day
Making Handprint Pop Art since May 2019

This is a guest post by Making Mini Master – a relatively new but AMAZING instagram account with great artists projects for kids!

Materials Needed for your Handprint Pop Art

  • Construction Paper in bright contrasting colours
  • (Black) Paint
  • Pencil (for hand outline)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Artist of the Moment | Andy Warhol

HAndy Warhol for kids

Everyday I grow a little bit
There isn’t anyway of stopping it
My jeans are too small
As I’ve grown so tall
Everyday I grow a little bit

This is a verse from a song the children sing in the Montessori when we cover the topic of growing, changes, well-being, identity and belonging. There are so many art and craft projects that can be made from the little handprint and hand tracings of little people. The pieces of art are so precious to parents as the tiny hands and nails are one of the first things they notice, touch, hold and comment about when they have their new-borns in their arms.

“Daddy, remember when my hands were this small”

These HAndy Warhols mark a stage of growth in a child’s life and are a reminder to Dad’s of how small their little ones hands once were, all the hand prints left on walls and windows, and all the brilliant things these hands will do in the future.


This simplified POP ART inspired print is achievable for all ages making it a win win all round. For the early years children, the focus on this activity helps develop precision and concentration skills, refining fine motor skills along with gaining a great sense of achievement in seeing their own handprints on display which by the way make for a sensational POP ART multi image display!

How to make your handprint Pop Art – HAndy Warhol

The adult is required to make the hand tracings of the children’s hands, however some 4-6 years children will manage this step. A clean cut make prove more difficult and depending on the accuracy desired, the adult may take on this role also.

Gluing, sticking and printing is all the child’s job. The child picks four coloured pieces of A5 paper to stick onto an A4 piece of paper. The hand cut-outs are stuck onto each one of the four coloured paper and finally its time for the hand printing.

That really needs no explanation and the job is done!

Our HAndy Warhols were made by Mini Masters | 5 & 7yrs

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