Healthy Spooky Meal for Halloween

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Scarily Easy Spooky Soup - Healthy Kid's Meals for HalloweenHere’s a guest blog post from the Crumbs Sisters, who have a food blog which focuses on “recipes that are faster than fish fingers and quicker than shop-bought quiche (well, almost)”.
Crafting is not our forte. For proof, check out the costume I sent my son to school in last week. Exactly. Now you believe me. So when we collaborated with Red Ted Art in the summer, it was a revelation! We made catapults! We made bouncy balls! We made gorgeous little cork boats with cute sails. We could craft.

So when it was our turn to provide Maggy with a video, we were a bit nervous. We could craft, but only with her help, and now we were on our own. And then we remembered that Halloween was coming up. No self-respecting parent doesn’t make some crafty styled food around this time, and actually, we’ve done quite a lot. One of my personal favourites is eyeball pasta  but if you’re looking for something super-easy and perfect for the school cake sale, you couldn’t do much better than these scary donuts – one donut, some fake vampire teeth and some smarties et voilaargh!.

But we’ve saved our piece de resistance for you, dear readers of Red Ted Art. They are the spooky soups. So easy, so terrifying. First just take your soup. We’ve got a nice one here, or try this great Pumpking Soup recipe or use your favourite red coloured soup. Then do something clever with a rye crouton or some creme fraiche and you’ve got some great Halloween soups which may even make your kids eat some vegetables over the Halloween period, not just sweets! Well, I said may.

For all the gory details just watch the video we made for Red Ted’s YouTube channel here: