Heart Fidget Toys for Valentine’s Day

Oh we do love a DIY Squishy! And these Heart Fidget Toys are a great gift idea for kids to make this Valentine’s Day! Such a fun Kids’ Valentine’s Day Idea.

DIY Heart Fidget Toys for Valentine's Day

Heart Balloon Fidget Toys for Valentine’s Day

My name is Shelah and I’m excited to share our Heart Balloon Fidgets for the 31 Days of Love Series on Red Ted Art!  I write at Mosswood Connections where we share our experiences with children who have special needs.

Kids will love these heart balloon fidgets! We often incorporate crafts in the therapy sessions with our students on the autism spectrum. Making crafts with the kids allows us to sneak in a whole bunch of skills like cutting, following directions, visual-motor, and more. When there is a holiday to be celebrated making gifts for others is also a good way to practice social thinking and being kind.

Materials for your Balloon Heart Stress Balls

  • Heart Shaped Balloons – (We used mini balloons that are biodegradable and made from sustainably harvested latex.)
  • Filling: Rice, Beans, etc. – (Our favorite filling is lentils but on this day we had rice in the cupboard.)
  • Small Neck Bottle
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Valentine Heart Cards – You can download the template here.
  • Essential Oils – (Optional)

How to Make Valentine Heart Fidget Toys:

Step One: Gather materials. Print and cut out the Valentine Heart Cards.

DIY Heart Fidget Toys for Valentine's Day

Step Two: Fill bottles with whatever materials you decided to use as filling for the balloons.

Step Three: Stretch the mouth of the balloon around the neck of the bottle. For bigger fidgets blow up the balloon before attaching it to the bottle. Turn the bottle upside down to fill. When full, tie the balloon.

DIY Heart Fidget Toys for Valentine's Day

Step Four: Draw Faces on the heart fidgets.

Step Five: Tape the fidget to the Valentine Heart Card.

DIY Heart Fidget Toys for Valentine's Day


  • Do not use corn meal, flour or sand as filling unless you like cleaning up big messes.
  • If you decide to blow up the balloon to make it bigger be careful not to make it so big that it pops easily.
  • Sometimes the balloons lose their shapes when they are very full but it is easy to squish them back into shape.

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