Koala Bookmark Corner


We have made SOOOOO many Corner Bookmark Designs over the past 5years, that I can’t believe we haven’t created a Koala Bookmark Corner until now!!

Well, time to change that!

To make your Koala Corner Bookmark, you will need:

  • Ideally some grey paper 15 x 15cm (any square paper is fine, but grey is best)
  • Contrasting paper for ears and tummy – again a lighter grey is nice, but blues and pinks would work too. Or pink for the ear and a white tummy
  • Paper scraps for nose, cheeks and any details such as heart or leaves
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

If you find detailed worksheets useful, you can get these in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s Store. Proceeds from January go to the St Vincent Bushfire Relief Fund in Australia.

How to make a Koala Bookmark Corner from Paper:

Begin with a Basic Origami Bookmark

Watch our quick and easy video! Or read the step by step Origami Bookmark Instructions here! Making a bookmark corner really is quick and easy and the kids love creating them out of any scraps of paper.

We tend to use 15 x 15cm paper (A4 cut in half and then squared off), but any size of square paper is fine!

How to decorate the bookmark as a Koala:

The koala will need a number of key features. The two main ones are the ears and the big nose:

Create for your koala:

  • Two large ears with hairy bits
  • Two inside bits for the ear
  • A tummy
  • A big black nose
  • Cheeks
  • Other embellishments such as hearts or leaves

This design can be simplified by leaving out the “hairy bits” and ONLY cutting 2 large ears and a nose! It will still look great, but that really does help making the project quicker and easier for kids. But see if you can challenge them to add extra details!

Assembling your koala bookmark:

Glue your ear parts together and glue to the back of the bookmark.

Glue your nose in place.

Add small beady eyes with a pen.

Glue additional features, such as rosy cheeks, tummy, leaves and hearts!

Your koala bookmark corner is finished!

So cute and easy!

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