Heart Teabags – Valentines Hot Chocolate

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Hi, I’m Karin from Kayjaysews and I am thrilled to have a chance to share one of my ideas here on Red Ted Art for the 31 Day of Love Series. I am a part-time researcher and part-time Mama. As a maker at heart, not many things in life give me more joy than making something with my hands – preferably with my three-year-old daughter and from things we already had around the house. Yay for recycled crafts! I’ll show you a couple of things we have made later on, but first – Valentine’s day – our Heart Teabags filled with yummy Hot Chocolate!

You have probably seen or made heart-shaped tea bags before – an idea I always loved, but I wanted to adjust it to suit the younger crowd, who are more into hot chocolate than tea.

Heart Teabag Hot Chocolate Treats for Valentines Day

Heart Teabags – Valentines Hot Chocolate MATERIALS

So here’s what you need to make these for chocolate lovers big or small:

  • empty loose leaf tea bags (get them here – US/ UK (affiliate links))
  • hot chocolate powder
  • a teaspoon
  • needle and thread (sewing machine optional)
  • scissors
  • some cardstock

How To Make Your Heart Teabags – Valentines Hot Chocolate

  1. First, we made the teabag tags. We chose hearts, but you can do any shape – and even write a little message on it.

DIY Heart Teabags - make your Valentines Hotchocolate gift with love

  1. Then, the filling of the teabags begins – nice fine motor skill activity for little hands, too. I used two heaped teaspoons of hot chocolate powder per bag.

DIY Hot Chocolate Teabags - a super cute Valentines Day Gift

  1. I then sewed the bags shut just above the chocolate filling – it’s perfectly fine to hand-sew them, too. You’ll see that I backstitched across to the centre of the bag – then just pull the bag out, but do not cut the thread.

DIY Hot Chocolate Heart Teabag for Valentines Day

Choose desired length for the string (about 10cms) and then sew on the tea bag tag – in our case the little hearts. Done!

Heart Teabag DIY - adorable heart hot chocolate gift idea for valentines day

The recipient can put it into a cup of warm milk and enjoy their very own hot chocolate.

Heart Teabags DIY - Valentines Hot Chocolate

What I like about this idea is how flexible it is – you can make these and fill them with hot chocolate powder as we did, or loose leaf tea, of instant coffee powder, you can make them in a heart shape, you can write a message on the tag at the end of the string, or cut out the tag from your toddler’s paintings … Please tag me on Instagram if you do this as I would love to see your versions! Love, Karin X

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