10 Amazing Home Hacks with Sugru


Today, I have a VERY exciting post for you…. Have you got some annoying little breakages at home that you can’t fix? Maybe the handle came off your most favourite saucepan? Maybe one of your kid’s toys broke and regular glue just won’t hold it? Maybe your kids keep scuffing their shoes in a rather bad way? Do you need storage or tidy solutions? Or display solutions?

The Kit 800

You can get the Sugru Kit here and you can find lots of Sugru hack projects here.

Or buy individual Sugru Packs here: US readers/ UK readers

I don’t normally get excited about “new” products to market, but I simply have to tell you all about Sugru (it isn’t actually that *new*, but it is pretty new to me, and I am quite excited about the possibilities of it all). Now, just so you know, Sugru and I ARE working together over the coming weeks, so yes, they are officially my sponsors, but having said that, the product is so so cool and clever and I tend to only work with products that I genuinely like. So what is Sugru? Sugru is a special type of putty, that sticks pretty much to anything, dries and creates a flexible material – resulting in many super cool applications.

You can get the Sugru Kit here and you can find lots of Sugru hack projects here.

10 Fantastic Home Hacks made easy - no need for drilling, cutting or special skills. Just use Sugru with it's amazing properties

Or buy individual Sugru Packs here: US readers/ UK readers

I want to share some of these applications or  “home hacks” with you today – just to show you quite how clever and versatile Sugru is. As it also comes in funky colours, it is a super FUN product to work with too. As you know, I LOVE crafts, but I am not that big on “DIY”. I don’t like getting drills out, our going to DIY shops for specialist materials. Sugru, fills a DIY gap that I have – as it is so easy to use and can fix so many things. You can now get special Sugru gift packs too – more on that at the end. Onto the cool home hacks.

#1 Home Hack – Magnetic Key Holders

key holder magnets - home hacks with sugru

One of the most popular and easy to implement Sugru uses I have seen – magnetic key holders. A quick and easy home hack – great for tidying those key piles, as well as “never loosing your keys” again. No need for holes or drills! I must on every Home Hackers to do list!

#2 Home Hack – Cable Tidy

cable tidy home hack with sugru, so clever

LOVE the look of this DIY Cable Tidy – perfect for the office or the home. Such a fab home hack using Sugru indeed. As Sugru comes in so many different colours, you can adapt this to suit your decor needs. This again is a super QUICK and simple hack and just looks great!

#3 Home Hack – iPad Wall Mount

home hacks - DIY Ipad wall mount

One of the reasons we got an iPad in the first place, was to use it in the kitchen for recipes, but then it somehow always got in the way or ended up being balance precariously. Here is a genius and once gain easy to follow Home Hack – create your own iPad Wall Mount. This takes advantage of Sugru’s unique flexibility, allowing you to easily insert and remove your iPad!

#4 Home Hack – Toy Hooks

toy hacks - create your own toy hooks made from playmobil

Here is one of our Sugru Home Hacks! Of course I would say it is fabulous, because we did it and love it! Self praise aside, this really was a super fun and quirky hack (I will be sharing a “how to” video soon, so you can see how easy it really is) and my kids adore it – great for hanging coats (yes, it holds an 8yr old’s coat), hats, ties, but also great as a jewellery display on the inside of a cupboard door. We did this using 4 playmobil guys. Once complete, Red Ted went off and found 8 more Playmobil guys “he could spare” and started planning where else he wanted some of of these Toy Hooks! A win!

#5 Home Hacks – clever LEGO ideas

home hacks - clever LEGO ideas and sugru

Similarly.. we are a HUGE fan of LEGO. And there many super clever LEGO hacks out there already, but what many of them lack, is Sugru. The thing about Sugru, is that it sticks and it works. Unlike some superglue jobs, or worse still, the need for drills and holes (gah). So these LEGO hacks are simply fab. The above shows a super clever key holder, as well as cable holder. I say “yes please”. But the hacks extend to all sorts of things you want to tidy, store, but also disconnect again.

#6 Home Hack – Pot lids tidy

kitchen home hacks with sugru - genius pot lid holder

Don’t know about you, but space is PRECIOUS in our house and our cupboards are jam packed with *stuff*. I love this genius little lid tidy – a great way t make use of the cupboard door, whilst also finding the lids you need quickly and neatly. You can even colour co-ordinate your lids!

#7 Home Hack – Cozy Feet

clever home hacks - cozy feet this winter

Here is a great example where Sugru eliminates the need for NAILS. These regular hooks could NEVER be used in this way, if it wasn’t for Sugru. Attach them to your radiator, wait 24hours and you have a fantastic “shoe hook” – not only does it keep shoes OFF the floor (and resulting shoes being knocked over and kicked about), but makes sure your shoes are cozy and warm this winter. Without blocking the radiator.

#8 Home Hack – Fixing Toys

Fixing Toys with Sugru

I have been going around the house fixing broken toys.. and the kids have come home and literally SQUEALED with delight! I used one pack of Sugru to fix all sorts of things – including this Polly Pocket (super glue did NOT hack it, especially since my daughter likes to play with her in the bath and Sugru IS waterproof) and this ceramic porcelain fairy’s foot. Yes, I will have to touch it up with paint, but the kids are already over the moon. Visit the Sugru Community for more ideas!

#9 Home Hack – Fixing those annoying little things…

easy home hacks with sugru

The same ONE PACKET used to fix the toys above, ALSO fixed our bathroom plug (the kids told me afterwards that THEY liked having it in two.. now they tell me.. but to be honest, it was really annoying me!). I fixed a drying rack (so annoying that one end of one pole came off), I fixed the key hole cover back onto the front door, it came off, well over 6 months ago and no one could be bothered to fix it – as it needed polyfilling) and I also fixed a broken section in the IKEA toy kitchen. ALL with one pack. Now that does feel good! Head over to sugru.com for loads more project ideas.

#10 Home Hack – Fix Your Boots

what to use sugru for

Did you know that you can fix shoes, boots, coats, bags, clothes.. all sorts with Sugru – check out these 20 unexpected Sugru hacks to see how very versatile it really is. I think this book hack is particularly clever – hiking boots take so very long to break in, so when a pair looses it’s waterproofness because of cracks, it is brilliant that you can fix them with Sugru. I have seen similar hacks to add a protective (black) layer around the front of school shoes – to stop them being scuffed. Genius.

Here is a great video to watch if you want to learn more about Sugru and it’s uses.

You can get the Sugru Kit here and you can find lots of Sugru hack projects here.

Feeling inspired? Well… lucky for you, Sugru has just brought out two “packs” – one Home Hack Guide (small) and a Home Hack Kit. Both would make great gifts this Christmas or for someone maybe moving house. The Home Hack Guide, comes with 5 packs of Sugru, containing a super handy booklet with some of the most popular Sugru projects in it. Great for inspiration.

The Home Hack Kit, has additional items – that means you can get hands on with the guide booklet STRAIGHT AWAY (nothing worse than “wanting to do something and then not having basic items to make it”) – so you will find some tennis balls, for the super quirky shoe storage solution, magnets for the key tidies, lego pieces for  cable tidies, a paper clip for zipper pulls and a humble toothpick… watch my video here, to see it all:

You can get the Sugru Kit here and you can find lots of Sugru hack projects here.

Or buy individual Sugru Packs here: US readers/ UK readers

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