Quick Tissue Paper Puppets (Wise Men Craft)

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Now, these GORGEOUS little Tissue Paper Puppets were made by a friend of mine in Austria! She made them especially for 3 Kings Day, so they make a wonderful Christmas Craft, but I thought they would also be great all year round – as you can make any characters you like – from Princesses to Knights! I only have photos of the finished craft, but I have information about each of the steps and took close up photos of some of the details to help explain the steps! I DO love it when my friends share their lovely craft ideas with you. So.. without further a do… We have more wonderful Three Kings Day Crafts for you to check out!

Easy Tissue Paper Puppets - perfect for 3 Kings Day at Christmas - or for Princesses and Knights

Tissue Paper Puppets Materials (per puppet)

  • 2 take away chop sticks (washed)
  • one pipecleaner (or wire)
  • one cork
  • 2 googly eyes (self adhesive, or get glue)
  • one large sheet of tissue paper
  • Smaller pieces of contrasting tissue paper
  • tape
  • small piece of ribbon or string
  • pen (details)
  • drawing pin (optional – you can use glue instead)
  • Star stickers (optional, cut some out and stick them on)

TIPS –  you can add wool for hair on a princess and add little cardboard crowns!

Tissue Paper Puppets How To

Chopstick Puppets - so easy to make

1. Start by sello taping the two chopsticks together to make one long stick. Add lots of tape! We saw these puppets a year after they were made and they were still in good nick. So it works. Just make sure you add lots of tape.

2. Pierce the cork on top of one of your chopsticks!

Tissue Paper Puppets - use pipecleaners for the arms


3. Now wrap a pipecleaner around the chopstick- about 3-4cm down from the head.  Twist it round ones – secure with tape. Then make the ends of the pipe cleaner into loops.

4. Wrap some tissue paper around the loops and secure with tape.


5. Remove the cork head and now take a larg piece of tissue paper. Fold it in half and then have again. Unfold it – and the cross in the creases will show you the centre.

6. Carefully pierce with the chopstick. Drape around the figure and scrunch around the pipecleaner and tie at the waist.

7. Add a ribbon to secure in place.


Easy Tissue Paper and Cork Puppets - how to add the turban

8. Now pop the head back in place.

9. Take a piece of tissue paper – fold it, so you have a thicker and long piece and wrap it around the head (like you would a wet towel). Secure in place with a pin.

TIP: you can glue or tape or hot glue gun it in place too.

Tissue Paper and Cork Puppets - make the holy kings for Christmas

10. Now add details to the front – the googly eyes, a mouth and a star!

Make the 3 Kings as a Christmas Craft Puppets - these are made from recycled chopsticks, corks and some bright tissue paper

Repeat and make 3 Tissue Paper Puppets in different colours – to make the 3 Kings for Christmas! Aren’t they simply fabulous? I adore them!

Easy Tissue Paper Puppets - perfect for 3 Kings Day at Christmas - or for Princesses & KnightsNow hop behind the sofa and have a Puppet show!

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