House Proud Innovator

Cough. Splutter. Did I read right? House Proud???? House Proud? House PROUD? Me???? No way jose! I am a house duty neglecting, crafty mum and blogger. Sod the ironing (I only iron when I am sewing or using wonderweb), sod the vacuuming (what is a vacuum cleaner? I get an allergic reaction when I hear one) and the piles of washing, well, just pile up… I have my priorities right after all: Time with kids. Time for blog. Time for me. Happy Kids. Happy Mum. Messy house. We have a cleaner and the long suffering Englishman has to iron his own shirts (well he is x-army and there is no way I would do them “right” anyway!).

Being a crafty so so, I do hope that I can at least meet them on the “innovator” part of the term!

So…. Morphy Richards launch a “House Proud Innovator” scheme and reading my above “CV” thought I would be perfect for the role. This will indeed be interesting. I am interested in all things that make my life easier… better irons (for sewing projects of course), slow cookers (for not slaving away in the kitchen) and erm any other clever devices coming my way.

Let’s see whether they can turn me into a House Proud Innovator in the next year! Ha! They will only get me kicking and screaming… or maybe not?!