Last Minute Crayon Eggs Easter Craft

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Here is a great Last Minute Easter Egg Decorating idea that the kids will LOVE! It is SO last minute that you can do it at Breakfast at your Easter table… and the results are so fun and pretty: make your very won Hot Crayon Eggs!! A great way to use up any odds and ends of crayons too. I do love this Easter activity for kids! This is a great craft using Broken Crayon pieces and avoiding landfill!

Egg Decorating Ideas for Toddlers

To create your hot crayon Easter Eggs you will need –

  • Odds and ends of crayons
  • Some old (ish) eggs cups (or use TP Rolls as holders)
  • Freshly boiled hot eggs

To create your hot crayon Easter Eggs  – How To

The process really is so so easy!!! You need to make sure you eggs are freshly boiled and still hot hot hot!

Crayon Eggs for Breakfast

Place them in your egg cups and then take a crayon and gently hold it to your egg.. it will start to melt!!

Then take you next colour and hold that to your hot egg too… and watch the colours run and mix.

You may be lucky and be able to use a 3rd and and 4th colour.. but remember, you don’t actually need TOO much to create these eggs.

Egg Decorating Ideas - Hot Crayons

Let cool and you have some pretty AMAZING looking melting crayon eggs!!

It was fun. Looked fab. But there is definitely a knack to it! And some crayons worked better than others! We found it worked best, if you did NOT “draw”, but if you rested the crayon and let it melt…

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