How to… Make a Baby Doll


I made these this little baby for Pip Squeak’s Doll’s House the other week. And she loves it so much, I had to make a second one… she adores that little baby so much, that I thought I would share the “pattern” with you. It was so easy and I used Pip Squeak’s old babygrows! Makes me smile when I think of that!

Dolls House New Baby

Materials: One medium size wooden bead (approx 1cm diameter), 2 small beads (3-4mm), pipecleaner, fabric scraps, hot glue gun (or other glue – e.g. wood glue), needle & thread

I don’t have photos, as I lost those in the “great PC crash”, so I made some sketches for you!

1) Cut a length of pipecleaner. Pinch in the middle and glue into the head. Glue on the small beads for hands


doll craft

2) Cut a rectangle of fabric. Snip a little hole to get the “head” bead through. Fold over the head.

baby doll patternbaby doll pattern

3) Snip into the side a little – to allow for an arm. Tucking the “fabric in”, start sewing. I shaped the “baby sleeping bag” as I went along. If you want an “accurate” result, you could cut the shape into the fabric before hand. Either works.

baby doll waldorf

4) Repeat on other side and stuff a little. Then sew shut!

waldorf baby doll

And here we are.. the whole family together… showing the world their new baby!

(Ahem, the second baby is sleeping – in Pip Squeak’s arms!)

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