How to… make Homemade Finger Paint

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Well… I think any self respecting Kids Craft blog should have a salt dough recipe, a play dough recipe and a finger paint recipe! Not actually having ever made finger paint myself yet, I set out to find a lovely Guest Blogger to do just that for me.

Oodles of fun with easy DIY Finger Painting Recipe - adore this easy recipe that you can make at home quickly and easily. Store in baby food containers. Great upcycle to!
We love making homemade finger paint!

And I found the gorgeous Tiffany from Easie Peasie and am SO pleased to have her visit us today! Firstly, isn’t that the most gorgeous photo of Tiffany? Not only does Tiffany create fabulous craft posts for you or your child, but she takes stunning photographs, that really brings it all to life. Check out her fun toddler crafts or her create section for more! And a note to self.. I really *must* go on a photography course. Sigh.

Over to the wonderful Tiffany:

Maybe it’s because I used to teach high school art…or perhaps it’s because I love a brand new box of crayons…or any new art supply for that matter.  Art supplies make my {heart} happy.

how to make finger paints recipe

I tried a recipe I found recently for making homemade finger paints for Jaxon…because…you know…I’d prefer him not eat paint made with funky chemicals. And let’s be honest…he’s 15 months old and he’s going to taste-test it. I just know it. I loved how these turned out and I had to share.

Aren’t they so pretty!!! Yaaaay! I’m totally in love with them!
I used left-over baby food jars for containers…you know the ones you hang on to because you swear they are good for something!. Lol.

**Please note:  If you add too much cornstarch you will get gloppy paint. Just reduce cornstarch or thin with water for a smoother texture.

Also – I NEVER said these were meant to be literally EATEN by kiddos. When we made these – Jaxon was at the stage where  he was putting everything in his mouth and I didn’t want him to accidentally eat some crazy store-bought paints. For me at least these were safer and homemade. This is NOT EDIBLE paints for kids ! Thank you bunches!!

DIY Finger Paint Recipe

  • 3 tbs sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup corn startch
  • 2 cups water

How to make your finger paint

Combine ingredients in small saucepan.

Warm until mixture thickens. Cool & pour in containers.

Add food coloring to create desired colours.


That, is how very easy it is to make your own finger paint!!! XoXo
homemade finger paint

Aaah thank you Tiffany! What gorgeous looking finger paints! And great to know that they are non toxic. We will most certainly have a go at making some of these. Fabulous. Don’t forget to stop by at Easie Peasie for more wonderful ideas!

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