How to Make a Cupcake from a Flannel (Washcloth)

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Remember the gorgeous Guest Post that the wonderful Anjie from Pom Pom Emporium did for us a little while back – well if you don’t, simply head back in time and take a look at these beautiful Pom Pom Flowers.

Anyway, she is BACK and with yet another fabulous idea – these Flannel Cupcakes! How simple and yet how gorgeous are they!? Perfect baby shower gifts or stocking fillers or a “just like that” present. Inexpensive, fun, FABULOUS! Here we go:

How to make a cupcake out of a flannel... Love this flannel cupcake gift #cupcake #flannel #gift

Fannel Cupcake Gift: To get started you will need

  1. washcloth
  2. Paper cup
  3. Rubber band
  4. Lollipop

For the cupcake wrapper I cut a paper cup down to the required size. I estimated my paper cup should stand about 5cm (2″) tall. Resting a pencil on a box, of the desired hight and with it touching the cup, I turned my cup slowly to give me a perfect line. I cut the excess paper away. Alternatively you can find printable cupcake wrappers on the internet to download, but I decided my idea using paper cups was easier and held the washcloth really well.

To form the ‘cake’ from the washcloth just follow the photographic tutorial below or watch this very good demonstration video I came across by Jonathan Fong How to make a cupcake from a washcloth What a star!

I think these cupcakes would make a really nice ‘thank you’ gift for a teacher or alternatively a very easy project for a class to make. You could buy white paper cups and let children design and colour their own cupcake wrappers

CIMG7236CIMG7194CIMG7195CIMG7197CIMG7199CIMG7202CIMG7207CIMG7208CIMG7210CIMG7214Flannel Cupcake How To

Gorgeous! Please do go and visit Anjie and check out all her other wonderful things!