story + art = great stART – Lost & Found, Oliver Jeffers

I am on a mission to read this book as often and regularly as possible over the next few months, as our local children’s theatre (Polka in Wimbledon) is doing a special under 3s productions of this come Christmas. Tickets have been purchased and I can’t wait to take Red Ted! And I want to make the experience “easier” for him by making sure he knows the story well!

xlost and found craft

Lost and Found Lost and Found, by Oliver Jeffers.

In the UK Oliver Jeffers has quickly established himself as a modern day “children’s classic author”. I don’t know anyone, who does not adore his books. His stories are simply too cute and quirky and his drawings and paintings gorgeous. Some of you may have noticed that I did a VERY short review of this book a while back – sorry for the duplication!

Anyway… what is the book about? The books is a lovely story of friendship. One day a little boy finds a penguin on his doorstep. The little boy is concerned that the penguin is not happy and needs to go home, so sets off on a journey to find its home. They end up going on a marvellous adventure on the open sea to get the penguin to the South Pole… only to find… well, I wouldn’t want to give the end away. If you haven’t already read this book, you simply must!

The Craft project – More Recycling

You know me and loo rolls… well, not only loo rolls make great craft material. I decided to do some more recycling, by using some of my old deoderant roll ons and acryclic paints (poster paint would crumble off). They are marvellously PENGUIN SHAPED!

We made one each, so that Red Ted could copy. Well, I painted the blue and white on mine and let Red Ted stick the googley eyes on them. I restrained myself from touching up his “white tummy” and I let him do some extra painting – you will see a third little friend appear in the final photo (Red Ted refers to him alternatingly as “Boy” and “Monster” – probably thanks to the Monster Cards a few weeks ago).

It was a great lesson in patience for Red Ted as we had to let things dry at each step!

 lost and found craft

Isn’t the pleasure on his face on seeing the final product priceless? He was SOOOO chuffed to have his penguins and just wanted to cuddle them. But we had to wait for the eyes and beak to dry… and at bedtime we had to revisit the penguins and the book!

Another fabulously crafty penguin project is this one by Zoe over at Playing By The Book. I adore it! And one day we will make one of these too! Penguin craft

Have you made any Penguin Crafts?