How To… Make a Doll’s House (Paper Mache) Sofa


dolls house furniture

As some you may know, I have an on going DIY Doll’s House project here on Red Ted Art. I first made the basic doll’s house out a basic cardboard box for Pip Squeak on her 2nd Birthday! Since then I have been adding  lots of dollshouse craft ideas as and when. See below for more details, such as the attic walls (decoupage), beds and bathrooms….

Whilst we were Papier Mache-ing earlier in the week, I decided to quickly have a go at making a sofa! I made a basic one out of card a while back, but it kept falling apart. So decided to take this basic structure and pad it out with paper mache.

dolls house sofa

The above, very ROUGHLY shows the basis of the sofa. You will need two of the top right piece and they make up the sides of your sofa, the top left is the back and the bottom is the seat you sit on.

I assembled this and then folded a sheet of newspaper to pad out the back and the seat. Adding lots of newspaper strips soaked in homemade paper mache paste to secure and strengthen it all.

Once dried, Pip Squeak asked for a pink sofa. So pink she got. Awe.

dolls house diy furniture


dolls house diy dolls house pattern dolls house crafts

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Hope you check out the dollshouse crafts ideas!