Quick DIY Wrapping Paper 2

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Well.. I did say we had hit Birthday Party season here at Red Ted HQ. And since our last Birthday Party (5 days ago). when I needed some emergency DIY Wrapping Paper, we still haven’t had the chance to get some more wrapping paper, and the next party is TOMORROW. Yikes. Our Car Print Potato was a bit shrivelled (I was hoping to reuse it, thrifty me), so I threw it away.. got the ink pad out and we did some simple printing – ink pad straight to paper.

DIY Wrapping Paper
Job done.

I could only find one ink stamp that work really nicely! The yellow one was a bit smudged, the silver one was only have covered in ink and the blue was finished… so purple it was. I like it in purple, but think lots of colours or two colours would look great too!

Easy DIY Wrapping Paper done!