How to… make a Lavender Wand

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Welcome back to this week’s how to.. Today I bring you “How to make Lavender Wands” – or Lavendelstäbe – another little left over from my (Germanic) “teen-hood”. I think I like the “lavender wand” name more – makes it sound all fairy like. I made two today and immediately they were “claimed” by Red Ted and his playdate. A scented wand each. Perfect.

Lavender Wands - we adore this traditional Summer Craft. Turn your lavender into gorgeous Lavender wands. Great as gifts, decoration or "fairy wands" for the kids! Beautiful Lavender DIY idea!
First shared in August 2011

You can make these sitting in the garden or on a garden wall whilst chatting to your friends.. all you need is a piece of ribbon and some lavender… and I did just that when our playdate arrived!

The wands have a lovely scent, perfect as little gifts, or for popping into your closet.

Supplies needed to make lavendar wands:

  • an UNeven number of lavender stems (I used 17 – but my lavender is quite small, thicker lavendar you can use less!),
  • piece of ribbon (I used one about 75cm long)

This craft also cost me “nothing” – the ribbons where salvaged from presents… and the lavender stems came from our garden!

We have a video tutorial for you, as well as step by step guide!

Follow our easy lavendar wands instructions!

1. Pick your lavender with as long a stem as possible. It should also be quite fresh off the bush (but the lavender heads themselves should be dry), so that you can bend the stalks without breaking them.

Make sure you have an odd number of stems – 11 – 21 are good. I used 17. As you can see my lavender is quite scraggly. If you have nice thick bush, with thick stems, you can make these with as little as 9 stems! Tidy up the stems of any leaves of lavender. Be sure the flower heads are dry, with no dew or dampness on them.

tie your lavendar
There is a lovely scent of lavender whilst your craft! So nice!

2. Tie your ribbon below the lavender with a simple knot.

Then start folding over stem by stem – folding it over and under the ribbon – i.e. weaving it. The first 2-3 rows are a little fiddly, but it is ok if you make a mistake, just fix it the next row round. It doesn’t matter too much and you will find the more you make of these, the more “perfect” they come out!

3. Once all the stems are folded over, keep weaving the ribbon in and out of the steps. Keep going round and round until you get to the bottom.

4. When you get to the bottom, just wrap the ribbon round the stems and tie. Leave the end of the ribbon for hanging in cupboards if desired. Or wrap them around the stems to make a “neat” wand. And done!

What do you think? Lovely, no?

The kids grabbed one each. Made me wrap the ribbon all the way round and went off to play!

They are of course also nice hung up in cupboards or in laundry drawers!

Or check out this video on how to make lavender wands

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