Wonderful Dried Lavender Diys (Makes & Bakes)

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Summer is in full swing here in the UK and with Summer comes LAVENDER! We love making Lavender Wands, but thought it would be fun to epxlore other lavender DIYs. We adore lavender – it is has such a pretty purple colour and of course it lavender scent is divine. Lavender is ideal for crafting AND for cooking with. So today we share with you a range of lavender make and bake ideas, to get you foraging for lavender in your garden. I will be calling up my mother in law to stock up!!!

What to make with Lavender makes and bakes

As mentioned lavender has many uses – the lavender scent is great for keeping moths at bay in your closets, but also makes for delicate flavours when baking!

There are lots of reasons to “process” your lavender into homemade DIYs. Lavender not only has a beautiful scent, but is also a calming and relaxing herb. Perfect for relaxation DIYs and DIY beauty products – such as bath bombs, soaps, face masks and homemade playdough. There bundles of dried lavender uses to explore today.

Lavender DIYs

We have our lavender wand tutorial video on auto play for you to check out! But of course, tehre is so much more you can do using lavender!

First up we have Woven Lavender Wands – they are a great project for older kids or for you. A bit fiddly to start off, but then easy to do and very satisfying. Great for playing with, as well as for hanging in your cupboard. I love to give these a little gifts! All you need is some lavender stems and upcycled ribbon!

Simple lavender pillows to teach your kids to sew – they are super easy and introduce your children to the “running stitch”. Very satisfying results and again a GREAT little gift that kids can make for friends and family. Get the kids to tie the lavender in bunches and dry upside down. Once you have dry lavender, you can go on to make these simple lavender sachets are great for popping into drawers and closests.

Bath Bomb DIY Recipe for kids

Dried lavender is a great addition to homemade bath bombs! Check out our recipe today. The ingredients to make these are simple. You can add soem drops of lavender essential oil to these too. Or even add some oatmeal, for that smoothness of the water.

lavender craft ideas

Bath “tea bags” – did you know you can run a bath with DIY lavender tea bag sachets. Again a super simple way to use up excess dried lavender buds and create wonderful gifts. Lots of bath time relaxation heading your way.

lavender play dough

Homemade playdough is really easy to make and wonderful to keep little hands busy. Adding lavender to playdough as per Crafts on Sea, is a great way to make a calming playdough and sensory experience. If you wish, you can add a little food coloring to your dough too and make it blue or purple. But I think keeping it natural is nice! You can always add a couple of drops of essential oils too.

winter warmers

Love these simple Winter Warmers from A Spoon full of Sugar Design. Perfect for the cooler days… and to keep those summer days close.

lavender wreath

Learn how to make a decorative Lavender Heart Wreath. This is so pretty!

dried lavender diy candles

Grab some jars, white candles and have a go at these lovely dried lavender candle holders? So pretty. They would loook gorgeous as part summer wedding decor!

lavender body scrub

Domestic Goddesque shows us how to make Lavender Bath Salts. Epsom salts and lavender make a great combo. Another great and simple idea and something you can involve the children in – making a great gift for Christmas or a Birthday.

dried lavender diy sugar scrub

Or similarly but different, how about some Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs?

Make your own Lavender Oil Infusion, as per this YouTube video! How cool to make your own essential oils this way! What a lovely fragrance this will have.

Lavender Food – Baking & Cooking

lavender scones

Kids Chaos (and I) made some delicious Lavender Scones. The taste was very subtle – and I think if you want to get the full lavender flavour you are best having the scones with a little butter or cream. The jam can over power it….

how to make lavender sugar

,,, Use homemade lavender sugar for best results!

lavender tea

Blue Bear Wood as always has tons of ideas for us – my favourite is her Lavender Tea! Literally, pop your lavender in hot water an enjoy.

lavender cookies

Blue Bear Wood also shares delicious lavender cookies.


Me and My Shadow and her DELICIOUS looking Lavender Lemonade. My goodness, it makes you mouth water, doesn’t it?!

lavender jam

Here is an usual one: Lavender Jam! Sounds decadently delicious! I love the combination of pear and lavender, as I think lavender on it’s own CAN be a little strong!

lavender ice cream

A beautiful mess has Lavender Ice Cream for us.

Som that brings me to the end of our Dried Lavender DIY collection. I hope you have found lots of inspiration for using up all your garden lavender this summer!