Lavender Ideas – Makes & Bakes

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What to make with Lavender makes and bakes Summer is in full swing here in the UK and with Summer comes LAVENDER! We adore lavender – it is has such a pretty purple colour and of course it smells divine. Lavender is ideal for crafting AND for cooking with. So today we share with you a range of lavender make and bake ideas in our craft video, as well as additional links and information to get you foraging for lavender in your garden. I will be calling up my mother in law to stock up!!!

(Photo Credit: Kids Chaos)


Lavender Ideas Video


As per usual in order of appearance:

1) First up we have Woven Lavender Wands – they are a great project for older kids or for you. A bit fiddly to start off, but then easy to do and very satisfying. Great for playing with, as well as for hanging in your cupboard. I love to give these a little gifts! You will also find these in Red Ted Art, Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids.

2) Simple lavender pillows to teach your kids to sew – they are super easy and introduce your children to the “running stitch”. Very satisfying results and again a GREAT little gift that kids can make for friends and family.

3) If sewing isn’t your thing, you can always make some no sew lavender bags using “bonda web” or fabric glue. A cheat’s way to having lovely sachets to add to your drawers.

4) Bath “tea bags” – did you know you can run a bath with lavender tea bags. Again a super simple way to use up excess lavender and create wonderful gifts.

5) Kids Chaos (and I) made some delicious Lavender Scones. The taste was very subtle – and I think if you want to get the full lavender flavour you are best having the scones with a little butter or cream. The jam can over power it. Use lavender sugar for best results!

6) Zing Zing Tree as always has tons of ideas for us – my favourite is her Lavender Tea! Literally, pop your lavender in hot water an enjoy.

7) Zing Zing Tree also shares delicious lavender cookies via blue bear wood.

8) Zing Zing Tree also talks us through how to make Lavender Sugar. As mentioned before on Red Ted Art, it is SO easy to make and it tastes delicious on pancakes with lemon juice!

9) Domestic Goddesque talks us through how to make Lavender Bath Salts. Another great and simple idea and something you can involve the children in – making a great gift for Christmas or a Birthday.

10) If you are feeling hot and flustered Domestic Goddesque also shares their adorable Lavender Fans! Love the idea of having lavender “waft” you way as you fan yourself. Very sweet indeed!

In addition to the video we have:


11) Me and My Shadow and her DELICIOUS looking Lavender Lemonade. My goodness, it makes you mouth water, doesn’t it?!

12) The Good Long Road shares some Lavender Playdough with us. Wonderful sensory experience.

13) We also have some more lavender bath time goodies from The Good Long Road.

14) Here is an usual one: Lavender Jam! Sounds decadently delicious!

15) Lavender is great for decorating your home.. and here are 25 Lavender Home Decorating Ideas!

16) A beautiful mess has Lavender Ice Cream for us.

17) Love these simple Winter Warmers from A Spoon full of Sugar Design. Perfect for the cooler days…

18) I love this “Lavender Basket” version of the Lavender Wands. Totally adorable. But of course will not keep as long, as the lavender will dry and get brittle over time. Still, it looks so sweet!

19) How about making your own Lavender Oil Infusion? Also a great idea!

20) And finally.. we have a “beauty mask” filled with lavender from Spoonful.