How to Make a Magic Wallet

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We love a bit of magic in our house. Red Ted aged 7, is just at the age, where is loving having a go at Magic Tricks himself and showing off his magicians skills to family. And then of course, magic is even MORE FUN when you can make it yourself. So this on is to keep Red Ted happy. Today, we have this quick to make DIY Magic Wallet!! All you need is some card, paper and tape and you are off… Confuse you friends and family, by making the money or business cards magically hop from one side to the other. How does this magic wallet work?! Well.. you will have to watch the video to find out and see how to make this magic wallet for yourself!

Magic Wallet - make the money or business card magically hop from one side to the otherMagic Wallet DIY – you will need

  • Cardboard – 2 x 10cm x 7cm (basically a bit bigger than a credit or business card)
  • Paper – 4 strips of paper – 12cm x 1 cm wide
  • Tape
  • Pretty paper or more card to decorate

Note – you can also this magic wallet make these with ribbons, or made entirely out of duct tape – these are going to more durable than the paper and card ones, but the using paper strips instead of ribbons is MUCH easier and simpler!

Magic Wallet DIY:

I hope you enjoyed our little Magic Wallet craft and hope to see you here for many more kids crafts ideas soon!