How to make Enamel Pins from drawings!


Disclaimer: our pins where gifted by the fabulous WizardPins – I will be ordering more in future!

Oooh today I have something exciting for you! I made some custom enamel pins with WizardPins from my daughter’s drawings!! Eeep. They are so cute!

how to make enamel pins

As my kids get older, they get into different things. We are now at the stage, where they have an “on-off” relationship with reading. So during the summer, as I was looking for different ways to reward them for reading.

Somehow we hit on “enamel pins”.. and now my kids are obsessed with collecting enamel pins – especially any related to “reading”. They both received an emanel pin for the first 1million words read and then again for the second 2 million.

My daughter started looking for Axolotl Pins (she is a great Axolotl fan). I told her, when she reaches 5million, I would consider looking into making a Custom Enamel Pin for her! It was only a consideration.. and then, by chance WizardPins got in touch and asked if I fancied have a go at making some enamel pins with them!

Serendipitous indeed! Especially, since my daughter had already designed the Read Alotl, Axolotl pin. So I said yes.

DIY Axolotl Enamel Pin

The Enamel Pin Making Process

The drawing: Firstly.. I have to say, it was ridiculously easy! I thought I would have to faff around and get her “hand drawing” converted into a digital file first.. but oh no. I simply emailed them a scanned version of her Axolotl.

Conversions: Wizard pins then took our drawing an dturned it into the correct format for pin making – and emailed it back – so I could check for the colours and size. It was so easy! We adjust the colours a couple of times (using a handy colour chart they have) and that was it!

You can choose from different finishes, on these I went for the soft enamel finish, as I felt it would make the “read alotl” really pop. But you can get other finishes too. Just browse their website.

Placing the order: once I was happy with the size and colours, the order was quick and easy to place. And literally a week or so later, the pins arrived.

Man… they are so cute! I did get 50 of them!! Ha… that is because my daughter has a book club at school and I thought it would be fun her to be able to share these with her friends. We may even pop a few on Etsy, because they are sooo cute and she can earn a little pocket money from managing that. Love love love. She hasn’t actually seen them yet, as I am saving them for Christmas, but I can’t wait to see her face. I am pretty certain that these will be her favourite Christmas present! So fun.

They turned out so cute. I am SUPER happy with the quality (we own a lot of enamel pins and these are a brilliant quality with great detail).

I am now eying up their DIY Keychains for my son… though may make some more pins first.

Oh choices the choices!!!!!!