DIY Gift Baskets for Christmas & Beyond

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With Christmas drawing ever nearer… some crafty bloggers and I got together to discuss DIY Gift baskets Ideas!! Hampers are a great way to “bring together” lots of little gifts and turn them into something special. It is a mixture of good themed content and also presentation. To help you along the way we created a video discussing, as well the information below!! These gift baskets could easily be packaged up as Christmas Gifts to Make & Sell too – they would make an amazin addition to any charity auction for example! These also make some great last minute gifts to put together!

Hamper Gift Ideas
Making your own DIY Gift Baskets is fun and easy! And there are so many themes to explore.

Top 10 DIY Gift Baskets Ideas

1) The Craft Gift Basket Hamper


As you may know, I am a keen crafter and of course keen promoter of crafts! And I think creating your own craft packs makes for a wonderful Hamper idea. I have given craft supplies in a lovely wicker basket before, but I also like to do shoe boxes – encouraging the receiving child to decorate it themselves. More info of what goes “into our craft box” here.

2) The DIY Breakfast Gift Hamper

DIY Gift Baskets - Breakfast lovers

Inspired by the Netmums Breakfast Hamper idea, I put together our own Breakfast Hamper. This is a great idea for new Mums (who need a good breakfast to see them through the day), someone who has moved house (get them settled in and give them a lovely start to the day) or simply the breakfast foodie. We filled ours with homemade goodies – more info on the Breakfast Haper content here.

3) Book Lovers Gift Basket


Love these book hamper idea for the book worm.. I have been given “just” books before in the past which have been greatly appreciated … but Kids Chaos’s little bit extra makes it look so much more special! You gift hamper could include:

  • A couple of new books (or even old books if you are into re-sharing and re-purposing)
  • A hot chocolate/ mulled wine/ ginger ale combo
  • Chocolates or biscuits
  • Some handmade bookmarks
  • A small reading light

4) Stationary Gift Set Hamper

DIY Gift Baskets - stationery

The Stationery Hamper is another great idea from Kids Chaos. Putting together a writing set for a loved one in a nursing home, but would also be wonderful for someone who has just moved house or a teen with lots of teen stationary bling. Lovely. Needless yo say, you can have LOTS of fun at the stationery shop with this one and include:

  • a postcard set
  • pencil case
  • pencils/ pens
  • post it notes
  • paper clips
  • notebooks

5) Foraged Goods Gift Basket

blackberry jam gift baskets
Homemade blackberry jam is delicious

We have been talking about foraging a lot this Autumn and did a special Foraging Tips and Recipes for you. Combine all your foraged food into one lovely hamper and make it a truly special gift – from the traditional jams, to DIY alcoholic and flavour drinks to cough syrups. A great pack, costing you little to make. You could put this together in two ways – 1) using your foraged goods themselves to gift or 2) create a foragers starter kit!

Foraged goods could include:

  • Jams and jellies – e.g. Blackberry Jam is divine
  • Elderflower cordial
  • Homemade pesto
  • Fruit infused vodka or gin (berries are very popular for this!)
  • Other alcoholic beverages using foraged goodies
  • Dried apple rings
  • Fruit leather
  • DIY herb infused oils for cooking
foraging gift baskets

Foragers starter kit

To be honest, you do not need much to start foraging. But Mount Baker Experience has a great article on some basics, do also include:

  • A foragers handbook – I don’t want to recommend a specific one, mainly because we all live in different parts off the world and therefore have different local things to find
  • Similarly forager’s cookbook – OR a collection of your own favourite foragering recipes bound into a DIY cookbook
  • Foraging knife
  • A nice foraging basket

Please note: I do NOT advocate mushroom picking. Please only mushroom pick if with an expert!

6) Pamper Hamper

Beauty Gift Basket DIY
A pamper hamper is super fun DIY Gift Idea to put together!

Love all the homemade goodies in this Pamper Hamper from Blue Bear Wood. It looks super professional and when she talks you through it, you realise how “do able” it all is! A homemade pamper kit, can include homemade sugar scrubs, bath bombs and lip balms!

7) DIY Men’s Gift Basket Hamper

men's gift baskets
Pretty Providence has this super fun “filled slipper” men gift baskets idea!

Men are so tricky to buy for.. so why not create a “Men’s Hamper” – use any theme your “man” may like, e.g. some nice beers, chips and pretzels, packaged in a big “chip bowl” for that boy’s night in. But you could also do a male grooming kit or a golfers kit or or or.. think about your man’s interest and put together a caddy of sorts. Also think about the packaging.. I love the fun filled “slippers” from Pretty Providence or the useful Grilling Caddy from A night owl’s!

Mens Gift Baskets ideas
A night owl’s men’s grilling gift set!

8) Make a DIY Beauty Caddy


Converting a nappy carrier into a beauty caddy – this will delight girls (and some boys) in a variety of age ranges. Add brushes, show gels, nail varnish and make up (make it age appropriate) and you are off. A great idea from the Domestic Goddesque .

9) DIY Gardeners Hamper

Domestic Goddesque (blog no longer online, sorry, but photo remains for inspiration)

Domestic Goddesque  also had a great idea to put together a nice hamper for gardeners – including

  • gardening gloves,
  • shears,
  • seeds,
  • plant markers,
  • planning journal,
  • knee pads etc.
  • all “packaged” in a pretty Gardner’s Trug

Similarly, you can put your gardening goodies in a pretty (and useful!) terracotta pot!

gardeners gift baskets
Evermine’s filled terracotta pot is simply adorable!

10) Movie Gift Basket Hamper

DIY Gift Baskets - Movie night

Love the Movie Night Hamper idea from Me and My Shadow! Love the packing! Love the 12 (!) themes,  no less, she suggests. You are bound to find a movie night idea for anyone on this great post! Especially some of those “difficult to buy for” individuals!

11) Junk Modelling Hamper Sack

junk modeling

A girl after my own heart. A lovely gift idea AND teaching kids the value of upcycling!! This Junk Modelling Sack will certainly come in handy!

As mentioned previously, DIY Gift Baskets are also a great last minute gift that you can put together and personalise for someone this Christmas!

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