How to… make Fabric Pom Pom Flowers (Guest Post)

How wonderful! Anji over at the Pom Pom Emporioum has made this WONDERFUL pom pom tutorial for us  (we have a great list of How to make a pom pom technique here for you too and many more Pom Pom Crafts & Ideas)! And now to Anji:

Hi my name is Anjie, over from PomPom Emporium)  doing a guest blog exchange with Maggy.

Fabric flowers – Alliums from pom poms

Last week I wanted to make some pom poms from fabric, in particular try out some purple organza I had. I have noticed fabric pom poms seem to be a popular decoration at weddings at the moment, I get a lot of hits on my website from search engines looking for fabric pom poms for this purpose.

To start with I tore the organza into long strips (the width of the fabric) of about 1.5cm wide, tearing makes the fabric nice and ‘hairy’. From the strips I made my pom pom in the traditional way, winding the fabric round and around two cardboard discs.

The finished pom pom looked like an Allium flower, it just needed a stem.

Wooden skewers from my kitchen fitted the bill, just the right size, a quick coat of green acrylic paint and I had a stem.  I  was very pleased with the result so I made two more. White pom poms given the same treatment might look like dandelion seed heads.


Aren’t they simply GORGEOUS? I love the so simple idea of painting the stems by holding them in place with blue tack. I tried these with “normal” fabric and it doesn’t work, as it is too thick! So it really has to be organza – especially for that whispy look. Not having any organza and wanting to give everything a  go, that I post,  I did it with some tissue paper: Not as amazing, but still pretty. Thank you Anji for your FABULOUS post! Please DO pop over to Anjie’s as a “thank you” and explore the other wonderful things she makes!

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Enjoy your pom pom making!!!