How to… Make (No Sew) Wristbands

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Oh my goodness, we actually made these “No Sew Wristbands” by “accident”. We were crafting away at something else, when the kids pulled out some of their old hole-y socks from the craft stash and started putting them on their hands. I looked. Took on snip and we had:

no sew wristbands

Materials: An old pair of socks (preferably with a wide “rim” at the top – GAP kids socks are perfect!), scissors.

I know it is a bit simple etc. But the kids, especially Pip Squeak loves her so much… and they actually look quite nice too. They are so quick to make and are a perfect solution for those socks with holes in them. Now Pip Squeak has a Pink, Blue and Orange set! Fab. How could I not share this very simple How To?!