Handprint Alphabet – S for… Snail

Well…. when ever we say “what starts with Ssssss”, the kids shout SNAKE SNAKE SSSSSSSSNAKE (How do you do a Handprint Snake, without it looking very boring?)! I was rather concerned that I would get snake shouts when I asked about our next Handprint Alphabet letter. So I quickly suggested SNAIL! Red Ted, said “Yes please, but it has to be green”. Only afterwards did he explain, that he thought, I had indeed said Snake and not Snail. But he was quite happy with our snail craft too:

handprint alphabet

handprint alphabet

Only paint the palm of your hand an the thumb. Then get printing!

handprint sails

handprint crafts

We did two lots a green and a blue set. Pip Squeak was off playing somewhere… Added googly eyes on stalks and swily bits for the shell. The little line you can see “under” the snail is “slime” (Red Ted’s idea).

Here is the rest of the Alphabet:

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Only 7 to go (not that we are counting!).