How to… make quick & easy Felt Christmas Ornaments

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This is a lovely craft for your own tree, as stocking fillers, little gifts for friends or to make with older children: Simple Felt Christmas Ornaments. I made these out of odds and ends I had “lying around”, so just match up the colours of the things you have and Get Crafty!

Materials: Cookie cutter (as template, e.g. heart), assorted felt, embroidery ribbon, ribbon for hanging, bell (optional), bubble wrap/ stuffing, scissors, needle





1) Cut two stars (hearts etc) out, using a cookie cutter to trace them. I find the “smaller” the cuter and picked my smaller cutter set

2) Using a blanket stitch, start stitching.

3) Add a ribbon, continue stitching (I just stitched “over” the ribbon to secure it). When you are opposite the ribbon, add the bell – just a quick loop through the thread (optional, though I do think they are rather cute – I bought these silver ones, as I couldn’t resist them, but I have also been saving little bells from Lindt chocolate bunnies! They would do perfectly).

felt ornaments

4) Add a couple more stitches and then stuff with a little bubble wrap. You don’t need much!

5) Finish stitching.

Make lots & ENJOY!