How to… make Austrian Angels: Weihnachtsengerl (Guest Post)


Ok ok ok. Maybe these are NOT JUST Austrian.. however, they are made by a very lovely friend of mine, Andrea, who IS Austrian and who lives in Austria, so by default, these are Austrian Angels, aka Weihnachtsengerl. We love Easy Angel Ornaments like these! Also, I remember making angels LIKE these when I was younger. Andrea, told me that she sat down to craft these with her 2.5 year old son, but that he ran off to play with his father instead. So. Technically, you can get kids to help you with these, however, we both recommend you do this in the ABSENCE of fathers who make for very good distractions! We have many Christmas Ornament Ideas for you here.

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Over to my good (non bloggy) friend Andrea:

Traditional Paper Angel Ornaments – Materials:

To make these little angels, you will need

  • some coloured paper ( I used dark blue),  
  • some old tights or 15 DEN stockings,
  • cotton wool,
  • gold foil,
  • some string,
  • glue and
  • crayons and
  • star stickers.

1. Start by cutting out some  semi-circles (about  13cm in diameter). At this point, you can decorate the semi-circles with crayons and/or star stickers, or have your children do it for you.

2. Then make the head. Make a little ball with the cotton wool and tighly wrap a piece of stocking around it. Tie up with a piece of string, (use a longer bit of string if you want to use it to hang up the angel).

3. Roll the semi-circle into a cone and cut off a bit of the top to make room for the angels “neck” (the stocking edge) to fit through.

4. Wrap the paper around the “neck” and glue into a cone.

5. Now cut out the wings from the gold foil and glue onto the angels back.

6. Glue some cotton wool hair onto its head (this will take a little practice, your first one is bound to have a “bad hair day”).

7. Use a felt tip pen to draw some eyes and mouth.

Decorate your living room with lots of little angels and let them spread some good vibes!

Happy Christmas Ornament Crafting!

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