How to make Paper Weaving Heart Baskets

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We went to visit a good Swedish friend of mine for an “early” Easter lunch last week. My, did she lay out a pretty spread for us – lots of Swedish traditional goodies – salmon, rollmops, meats and for Easter, of course, hard boiled eggs. Like in most countries that decorate eggs, you usually decorate them before the lunch. However, my friend decided it would be more fun for us all to have a go as we sat down to eat. Much more fun. Here are some photos. It is hard to find white eggs in the Uk, so we used duck eggs. They were very tasty!

Swedish Heart


Friend’s take on day: I am still laughing when I think about Max catching grapes: Are you ready? Yeah! Are you going to catch it? Yeah! Are you sure? Yeah! Really? Yeah! Hi hi hi! (you had to  be there, Red Ted “trying” to catch grapes in his 2yrs old mouth!).

After we had stuffed ourselves (we also were served a traditioal chocolate cake, delicious), we got crafty and made a vlog on how to make Swedisch hearts. These are traditional for Christmas, but I think you could easily use them whenever. If you find the “basket” idea to fiddly – you can always make a “1-dimensional heart” and glueing the ends down (i.e. ignore the fact that you have “loops”). These still make for pretty decorations – you just can’t fill them!

You will need: Paper 2 contrasting colours, template, scissors, stapler. If you make your own template, ruler & pencil.

Easter Lunch