How to… Make Vintage Spoon Hooks


homemade paintShe is BACK!! The fabulous Lucy from Lulasticis BACK, sharing with us these adorable “Spoon Hooks”, what a VERY fun idea for making your very own coat hooks. They would look fantastic in my hall way!

Lucy is all about eco friendly living, upcycling and charity shop treasures. So this post is  perfect representation of what she writes about. But should you explore her blog further (which you should!), you will also find a great post about her nappy free baby approach, why she has stopped washing her hair  and all about creating a home out of recycled leftovers. So. Please do go and visit this great competitor of mine, as we are both up for “Best Craft Blog of the Year”. Good luck to us both!! 

Cor, don’t you just LOVE a nice souvenir spoon?! When I saw these in a New Zealand charity shop for 50 cents I snapped them up. They just totally evoke a colonial inspired 1980?s afternoon tea vibe, eh?

spoon crafts

I have had them rattling around with a faint idea of using them for something but then when a need arose for a place to hang our tea towels I just KNEW. Just knew. These spoons were always meant for greater things than stirring sugar lumps.

Here it is, another 5 min recycling crafty frolick:

vintage spoon idea

I found this bit of wood on the pavement once and have had it randomly on display. I love the imprint of VB ENGLAND along it. It is a bit rugged but I thought it would help my spoons to sparkle.

craft spoons, diy decor

Well, aren’t they just gorgeous? So simple? Yet effective and fun! Now I just need to keep an eye out for some old spoons to craft with. Thank you Lucy again for visiting and sharing your ideas!