Kids Crafts: Pine Cone People & Paper Crafts

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paper crafts kidsAs you may know, we were on holiday recently. We visited some family in the South of France. They surprised us with a big box of crafty goodies – as the first 2-3 days were rather rainy… so our 2 week holiday.. ended up rather more crafty than expected. I thought I would share what we made with you!

pine cone crafts,/p>

Pine Cone People

Love that there is (hardly) and glue here.. we assembled this critters by poking a hole in the acorn, securing it on the little stub that some of the pincones had and wedging in some sticks. Ok, we glued on some googly eyes. Very much a temporary toy.. but we had fun!

paper boats

Paper Boats

In my eyes, all children must learn how to make a paper boat! The same way they learn to make a paper plane.. all part of childhood, surely? And great “paper handling” skills being developed too. Here is a “How to Make a Paper Boat” video.


launching paper planes

Paper Planes

Well I did say every child needs to make paper planes. The English Man made these for the kids. We discovered that launching all 5 at once, was great fun!

paper  monsters

Paper Monsters

Made from the Paper Boat’s How To (basically you don’t open it up at the very last stage), just add some googly eyes and pompoms!


paper books

Paper Books

Ha! I now know that The Englishman does not religiously read this blog, nor does he check what we are doing… he made these simple paper books by cutting and sticking… not realising that we have some “no stick” paper books on the blog. Tut tut. Nevermind, Pip Squeak “adored” these books and took them EVERYWHERE with her… woe us, when we lost one … we had to go back and find it.

pom pom crafts

pom poms


Red Ted had several sit down and invent sessions… and these are but a few of his inventions. Adorable, no? He used pipecleaners, feathers, googly eyes and pompoms (some of the pompoms had holes in the middle for threading).

paper crafts kids

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I do hope you enjoyed our multiple paper crafts for kids as well as our little pine cone people!