Kids’ Art Keepsakes – 10 Crafty Ideas for preserving your Kids’ Art


Kids Art Keepsake Ideas - what to do with all your kids artworkWell… we all know all about Kids’ Art, don’t we? Our little ones have the ability to produce sheets and sheets and sheets of it. But what to do with them all? And what to do with the REALLY special ones that come along every so often? Well. 9 Crafty Bloggers come together in a crafty hangout to discuss their favourite ways to presever their children’s artwork. (Read my introduction about hangouts to find out more about them – you can also find me on  GOOGLE+ and join our Arts & Crafts Community to join in or find our more).

Kids’ Art Keepsake Hangout


And here are the blogposts to go with them all (in order of appearance):

1. First up, I am sharing our Paper Baubles, that you can also turn into “Paper Easter Eggs” – shows how versatile this technique is. It is also a great craft to make with all those 100s of sheets of scribbled or painted on paper. Make little gifts to relatives.Kids craft books

Which is also appearing in Red Ted Art, 60 Cute & Easy Crafts for Kids – my very first craft book out in March 2013 and published by Square Peg! Do pre-order your copy now! I think this would make a wonderful gift either for yourself or a friend who would like to craft more with their kids – lots of crafts to keep you busy all year round!

2. Next Playful learner’s shares her kids’ art bunting. I love how this is a collaborative effort between big sister and baby brother. She mentions using a hot glue gun… but if you need a simpler version, I have done these with a stapler or just some sticky tape!

3. Plus 2 point 4 had the wonderful idea of embroidering her son’s artwork onto a pillow case – I can just imagine, laying down my head to rest on that every night. How sweet.

4. From Kid’s Art to Plush Toy. Love the design process of this monster/ alien that the boys of Kids Chaos went through. A great way to upcycle old fabrics too. A really great project. Read all about over at Kids Chaos.

5. Next we have the beautiful “Eric Carle Initial Art” from the girls at The Imagination Tree. These really are wonderfully colourful and make  a great keepsake.

6. Zing Zing Tree comes up trumps again with her from Kids’ Art to Glass Art idea. These not only look wonderful, but make great storage jars/ vases for all those little notes and scribbles the kids make for you. A really happy jar of love.

7. Our anonymous blogger at Fairy and Frog, shares this simple, but just perfect Greeting Card idea. We have done similar for Grandparents and they are always very well received! Love it. She also made these cute little “hole punch rainbow cards“.

8. Me and My Shadow has the great idea of making Kids’ Art into laminated fridge magnets or key rings.. but the REALLY clever bit, isn’t the laminating, but the thrifty recycling of bubble wrap to make it. A must read! (full post to COME, check the video for now!)

9. Finally we have The Crafty Kitty sharing her fantastic screen printing idea. I confess it all seems a bit complicated and tricky to me.. but when you see the final tee and how wonderfully she has incorporated her son’s scribbles into the design, it leaves you wanting to have a go. Wonderful indeed!

10. And as I always like to share 10 or more ideas with you, I would like to share our Eric Carle Puzzles (not featured in the video) – made from Red Ted’s art. It was a simple and fun way to convert some of his paintings.

And here are some extra ideas of keepsakes to make using your kids art:

 Kids Art Calendar

Kids Art Advent Calendar

Kids Art Lampshades

Sails for our Egg Carton Boat

Painting Straight to Canvas

Pop Up Easter Chicks