Kids Craft: Decoupage Easter Egg Craft

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Yes it is time for some Egg Decorating Ideas! Whether you are using real eggs or plastic eggs, I think you will love this decoupage idea (in fact, these NAPKIN Decoupage idea is super delicate and perfect for real eggs). A couple of weeks ago, we went to a crafty morning arranged by Hobbycraft showcasing their latest products and Easter crafts. It is from the back of this, that I had the idea of making this decoupage Easter egg craft with Pip Squeak (3yrs). Yes, she is still quite little, but she got to have a go at decoupage at the craft morning and LOVED it. Of course it was very much team work, but I don’t think that that matters at all. She had a fantastic morning either way!

Plastic Egg Crafts - turn oridinary plastic eggs into wonderful decoupage Easter Eggs with the kids. A great introduction to this traditional craft. We upcycled a flower brochure to make these!

Decoupage bird

Pip Squeak’s Decoupage Bird taking place of pride on her bedroom door

Back to Hobbycraft and the morning. I decided to take Pip Squeak along (mainly because I couldn’t arrange childcare) and was so glad I did! She came away from the session such a happy girl! Not only did she make a decoupage Easter Chick, she got to have a go at making an Easter Bonnets and sticking stickers onto Easter cards. She was one happy bunny and wore her hat all day once we got home, even added more stickers to it. As to the decoupage, Hobbycraft have some WONDERFUL new decoupage paper as part of their paper craft range. It is simply beautiful and I was totally inspired to have a go.  I still need to order some of the pretty paper, but will do so ASAP.

We also had an introduction to felting – which was great as it is something I have been interested in a while. I confess, that my felting ambitions have somewhat reduced now – certainly not a craft for (young) children and requires a lot of time (which I just don’t have). I would like giving felting hearts a go at some point. But am not in a rush.

Anyway, on the way home, we received some plastic eggs. Normally, the plastic eggs we have tend to roll around the house – Pip Squeak loves playing with them, taking them apart, filling them with things and putting them back together again. I wanted to do something different this time.

Then inspiration struck: decoupage plastic eggs. Of course, the perfect Easter crafts after our inspirational crafting morning and an ideal use for those plastic eggs available everywhere at this time of year.


Materials: plastic eggs that split in half (of course you could decorate an ordinary “blown” egg like this too), decoupage glue or watered down PVA, decoupage paper (or in our case a thin flower magazine), paint brush and scissors

1) Cut your magazine or decoupage into small pieces. We ended up having to use VERY small pieces, due to the curvature of the egg and the thickness of the paper. The magazine just about work fine, as it is very thin and filmsy. Decoupage paper would definitely have had a smoother finish and I am keen to have a go with some paper napkins soon. We also cut out a couple of specific flowers to add to the eggs at the very end and give it a prettier finish.

Decoupage plastic eggs

2) Add a layer of glue to the egg and then place your paper on top.

Decoupage eggs for kids

3) Add a second layer on top of the paper. As this is not decoupage paper and because of the curvature of the Easter egg, we had to keep brushing and brushing, adding glue, over it. So that the paper got “soggy” and flattened down as best as possible.

Add “straight edges” along the edges. Be sure not to go over the edge, so you Easter eggs can be open and shut afterwards.

4) Check for any gaps. Let dry and you are DONE!

Decoupage eggs

From “cheesy” plastic Easter egg to a lovely little Easter craft keepsake – that you can bring out again year after year and fill with treats. Or they make a lovely little teacher’s Easter gift that kids can make too.

Have you tried decoupage eggs with the kids? Do give it a go!!!

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Enjoy your decoupage activity!!!