Kids Craft: 3 Kings Day Craft


I do hope you have had a wonderful Christmas Day!! I am briefly back to share some “crafts from the past”, with two little crafts to help celebrate 3 Kings Day, as well as provide the weekly Kids Craft party for you!!!

! We do love to celebrate 3 Kings Day and do so with a simple cake (similar to the Hot Cross Bun dough), that contains a little hidden “3 Kings Day Figurine” (all the way from Spain). We also like to get crafty and discuss what 3 King’s Day is all about. We have more wonderful Three Kings Day Crafts for you to check out!

TP Roll Crowns

Celebrating Epiphany with some 3 Kings Crown and Dress up! via

So if you fancy making some TP Roll Crowns for your 3 Kings, do click through, they are so simple to make and would make a perfect craft for Epiphany!

Last year Pip Squeak found the King and was “crowned King for the day”:


We still have our loo roll crowns and a ready to use them again.

Alternatively, take a look at what we did the year before –  we made a King’s costumes “upcycling” some our Christmas Wrapping Paper:


Simple 3 King’s Day Costume

I am not sure yet what we will make THIS year for 3 Kings Day.. but I still have 11 days to think about it!!


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