Kids Craft: Kid’s (Keepsake) Art

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art for childrenWe went to visit some very good friends of ours.. and decided to get the kids painting (again – check out our post from almost two years ago – our Keepsake Paintings and Matthew’s Dream). This is not “officially” part of the Kids Get Arty challenge, but of course broadly speaking it is linked to it, as arty the kids did get! Kids Get Arty specifically is more about, exploring “real” artists and looking at what and how they painted and doing kids art inspired by those artists – there will be a special link up for this on 16 May 2012.

In the meantime, the children got arty – total free reign!

painting with kids

The kids were dressed in their oldest clothes possible and then we gave them free rain with an assortment of brushes. Occassionally, we would ask “would you like another colour?” or “fancy making some spots”… but they did as they pleased. And were SO proud! And so was I

So. They painted.

It was interesting to see how differently Red Ted painted from about two years ago. This time, he was very specific – adding blue for the sky with the roller… wanting to draw a person (but then deciding against it) and adding the green without mixing it up! Pip Squeak really enjoyed adding little bits of wood (which they were supposed to paint with) and making sure they really stuck on. As well as creating dots with one of the foam brushes. Our friend’s girls had a great time painting BOTH sides of the canvas.. and I love all the red and purple tones coming together.

painting with kids

painting with kids

2) They proudly displayed (which says it all really!).

  art with kids

Pip Squeak’s and Red Ted’s.

3) I am proud!  They are now hanging in the hall way with the other two paintings! The only dilemma we have now, is that Red Ted wants his painting in his room.. and ahem, I want it in the hallway. Maybe we can take turns?

Here are the previous ones!

painting with kids

Come check out how much the kids have grown and see Pip Squeak painting aged 10 months!

kids painting

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