Kids Craft: The Red Book, Beaches & Painted Stones


This week’s craft was inspired by our “Holiday @ Home” holidays… as part of this, we visited a brand new beach about 1.5hrs drive from here – we had never been and it was a FABULOUS day out with friends. Lots of running around. Jumping into dunes. Getting covered in sand.WONDERFUL. What was quite special too, is that Red Ted now “knows what a beach is” and when at the end of the day, I dragged this book out for him again, he understood it that little bit better:

The Red Book (Caldecott Honor Book)

The Red Book, Barbara Lehman. We had already seen this reviewed by Playing by the Book and LOVED the sound of it (Zoe is much better at reviewing books, so do read her review too!). This book is a book without words. So it is brilliant for our bilingual family, as I can “read it in German” and The Englishman in, well, English! Also wonderful for “getting into” story telling as the pictures serve as a great prompt! So, I digress.

The book is about a little boy who finds a Red Book on his way to school. He can’t wait to take a look. He opens the book and sees a map. The next page shows the map in close up: an island. The next page he sees a beach (aha, here comes the link to our post today). On that beach is a boy…. reading… a book. A Red Book, that he found on the beach. And as he closes in on the Red Beach Book, the city boy sees himself! Oh! The two boys connect through their respective books and then embark on an adventure… and find each other. The Red Books are left behind for new people to discover them and connect. This is a lovely story of friendship described through pictures alone. Fabulous.

Interestingly,  in Zoe’s review and she describes the city boy as a girl! Goes to show, how you make the story your very own…

The Kid’s Craft – Beach Art & Stone Painting

I have been wanting to take part in beach art ever since Nature Get Crafty where I linked to a worldwide beach project hosted by the V&A. Shortly after this Jude from Artful Adventure also submitted an article about Beach Art in Summer Get Crafty. So off we went and collected lots of stones. I (!) couldn’t wait. Red Ted loved collecting stones with The Englishman and they came back to our “patch in the sand dunes” with two buckets full.

We sorted the stones into colour piles. They looked gorgeous. At this point one of the children emptied all the remaining water that was in the bucket into the sand. Never mind, I thought. But actually, mind we did. The stones quickly got covered in “sticky” sand and there wasn’t much to do with them. *sigh*. So we collected them again (having made a face) and took them home for painting.

Much better!

And once Red Ted had painted some, we played with some googly eyes. (Note: the googly eye playing wasn’t until 1-2 days later, i.e. the paint may take a little while to dry!). I put blutack on the back and together we explored the different expression ONE stone could make, just by the placement of eyes. Quite amazing really. Here is our Ghost Stone and our Yellow Stone in different poses!! Just moving the googly eyes apart creates significant change!!

Here are the “Ghost Stones” – perfect for Halloween?


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