Kids Get Crafty – Hearts (for Calendar February)


Time some cute and easy Valentine’s Day Cards for kids! These little heart cards are the perfect Valentine’s Activity for Preschoolers – practice colouring skills and cutting skills for these cute cards! Then send them to Granny!

I am a funny one when it comes to Valentines – I always think you should be able to say and show that you love someone the remaining 364 days of the year. However, it is nice to have a day a year to remind you to do so. Having just post “Love Get Crafty” last week, I have been well and truly inspired to make more effort this year…. I am sure that The Englishman will approve too. It also means that I wanted to have a go at “something” with Red Ted. I have seen some fabulously hearty crafts these last few weeks… and now to something simple – ideal for that Calendar we are making! (Here is our January picture).

The Book

I am also going to do a book cheat and link you over to Canadian Home Schooling Mum, who found this wonderful sounding book on Valentine’s:

The Story of Valentine’s Day by Clyde Robert Bulla

I did not get a chance to get hold of this book in time, but I like the sound of it, as it describes the different stories behind “Valentine’s”, including some Valentine’s ideas and recipes. I love books that help explain the world and why we do things. And I want my children growing up “understanding” why things are not just “that they are”.

The Craft

We kept this VERY simple and made two things:

1) Handprint hearts for our Calendar. We did have a go at handprints with Pip Squeak – but her thumb kept sticking out, so it wasn’t very heart like.. so I will use her piece of art and cut out a heart shape for her February Calendar page! Or maybe I will just leave it as it is! Pip Squeak ADORED getting her hands into the gooey gooey finger paint!

Red Ted’s Heart Print

Pip Squeak’s painting

2) We coloured in some hearts (with supposed “Glitter Crayons” –  they were not glittery at all, what a disappointment), cut them out and put them on a card:

Valentine’s for preschoolers:

Valentine's Day Cards for Preschoolers

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