Kids Get Crafty – Penguins, Boys, Umbrellas & Card Board Boxes…


Welcome to Kids Get Crafty! A couple of weeks ago we went to see a “special under threes” theatre production of Oliver Jeffers Lost & Found. It was wonderful and Red Ted loved it. He kept glancing round to me and giving me the biggest smiles and grins. Then turning back to the 30min play giggling away. Afterwards we went for juice and a biscuit. On the way home, we waddled like the penguin and wooshed liked the see. What a lovely afternoon. I wanted to capture it for him, so we decided to Get Crafty!!!

Firstly – The Book.

Lost and Found Lost and Found, by Oliver Jeffers. Well… a few months ago, when I first bought the theatre tickets, we got crafty and made some penguins… so go and hop over for the book review there!

The Craft

Weeeellll. We had our penguins (if you don’t have the fab penguin shape deodorant bottles, we have – why not make a penguin by using a loo paper roll? It won’t be shaped as perfectly, but it would still be fun). Now we need a boy! I decided to keep it simple and try and get Red Ted making as much as possible… so a loo roll boy we made:

Materials: A loo roll, skin coloured paint, white fabric & red pen, denim or trouser fabric, jumper scraps for a woolly hat & needle to sew it up, googly eyes, glue

And then we need an umbrella (this was The Englishman’s ingenious idea):

Materials: a plastic bottle, blue tack, small stick (we used half a skewer)

1) Paint the loo roll pink

2) Draw some red stripes onto a whit rectangle fabric – measure it out so it fits around the paper roll

3) Cut a rectangle of “trouser fabric” to fit loo roll (we used denim)

4) Cut some jumper/ sweater fabric out and let the little ones have a go at sewing. If you don’t have jumper scraps, I am sure any material will look nice. Tie a bit of thread around the top of the jumper fabric, to make a bobble

5) Glue everything on (including googly eyes)


For the umbrella: cut off the bottom of a plastic bottle – secure stick with bluetack. Done!

We then had a theartre production.

And then we made a house for The Boy and The Penguin to sleep in too. We love cardboard boxes!!

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