Kids Get Crafty: Spring Picture (March Calendar)

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Welcome to Kids Get Crafty! As some of you may be aware, Red Ted and I are “working” on a  Calendar for the end of the year – each month we make set aside one craft for the calendar – so far we have had a “Winter Scene” and a handprint heart… so now we need one for March. In the UK the blossoms are out in full bloom now. I LOVE this time of year – trees look so beautiful especially when we are lucky and have a nice blue sky! I have been showing Red Ted the new leaves on the tres and the blossoms… and he likes! He is in a “mega craft” mode at the moment and wants to make everything pretty. Go Red Ted.

So.. today we made the 2nd of our four seasons: blossom trees and lambs!

Our Book

Around the World with Mouk (Sticker Book) Around the World with Mouk (Sticker Book) By Marc Boutavant

Now… as I mentioned, I LOVE LOVE LOVE blossom trees – especially cherry blossoms (we used to have a beautiful one in my parent’s front garden, right outside my window – how I loved that tree)… and which country is best known for its beautiful cherry blossoms? Japan! So out came out wonderful Mouk book – an atlas of the world. I have reviewed it before – so pleased head over to the Mouk review for more info – let me just say – it is a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL book!


Japanese Children's Favorite Stories Book Two: 2Japanese Children’s Favorite Stories Book Two: 2 F. Sakade

A friend recommend this book about stories from Japan and I am hoping to find a copy at the library.. it looks LOVELY.





The Craft

Remember how last time we did a four seasons scene (Winter), it was very much a team effort? This was little over 2 months ago and this time I was most impressed with Red Ted’s progress! He did pretty much ALL OF IT himself… the only thing I did, was cut out a tree and tell him where green and blue should go (he kept saying “here mummy? here?” and “we only want the sky at the top”). What I love about the picture, is that the only bit I had “decided” was the blossom – the spring lambs where his idea (I suggested spring flowers… he said lambs! Perfect). Here some photos:

We were inspired

Some grass and ooooh some sky

Sticking the tree and fingerprint lambs (in Winter, we had fingerprint Robins)

Bubble wrap blossom (in Winter we had Bubble wrap snow) & eyes and feet for the sheep… each sheep got two eyes and between three and eight legs…


Here is Winter

(ahem, can you see how it is EXACTLY the same tree?!)

(UPDATE A  YEAR LATER: here is the full Four Seasons together)

We made another TWO blossom pictures the next day – one with pink piggies and one with black horses… all Red Ted’s idea! Go Red Ted!

What is your favourite thing about Spring?