How to… make quick & easy Plant Markers (with your kids)

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This is almost one those – you just need to see the photo “How To”s and the job is done… really, it is super duper quick an easy, you can embellish and dress them up or down as much as you like and really make them you. You can make these with kids (even a 1yrs old) or on your own. Make them as ladybugs and bees. Whatever takes your fancy:

Stone Plant Markers!

I made them, as I decide to rather randomly scatter my seeds this year in our very tiny front garden that catches all the sun. As I am trying to teach my son about how things grow, I thought it would be helpful if I knew what was growing where. No lollipop sticks to hand and hating those plastic white things (they always get lost), I hastly made these:

Materials: stones from the beach or stream, acrylics, marker pen.

About 6 months ago, Red Ted (then 2.5yrs) painted a whole bunch of stones. They have since been knocking about the garden and seem to have not lost too much of their colouring. So I grabbed them (as well as some lovely plain ones) and with a marker pen wrote on the different veg names. I suspect that the marker will come off eventually: but that is fine, rewrite them next year for your next season’s worth of plants. Don’t they look cute? I love the “texture” of how a 2yrs old paints – colours all mixed up and pretty. We will be making more for sure (may even make some bees and lady birds as mentioned above, but suspect that my kids may run off with those)!

(Also: these are a great way to re-inforce letters with small child: C is for C-arrot etc. Red Ted is really interested in letters and reading, so these are a great addition for our alphabet practice, which we do rather passively – i.e. as and when it arises and if Red Ted feels like it.)

Here is Pip Squeak (16mths) painting some more:

Her finished markers:

And placed outside: