How To… Make a Tooth Fairy Box & More Kinder Surprise Craft Ideas

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This is a hybrid “How To” and craft round up – all about Kinder Egg Surprise cases – I made Tooth Fairy boxes for the kids… the kids made a horsey.. and I collated more ideas to inspire you this Easter (and all year round)! Why not combine this little tooth fairy craft with cute Tooth Fairy Letter Printables?

tooth fairy box

So, my children had some Kinder Surprise Eggs as a treat recently – I remember them well from my childhood (as Überraschungseier) and there is something irresistible about them: You get a chocolate egg treat, and inside there is a yellow case with a toy or puzzle inside. You never know what you will get! Always a surprise. Apparently Kinder Surprise Eggs are banned in the US! Sorry! But the rest of the world has them.

The children always wolf down their chocolate, check out what toy they have received and then we are then left with that well known Kinder Surprise case. Not sure what you call it. So… what to do with all those yellow capsules? I am pretty certain that Children around the globe will be gettig Kinder Surprises this Easter, so I thought I would quickly pull together some craft ideas!

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What you need to make these Tooth Fairies:

tooth fairy box

Materials: One Kinder Surprise Capsule per fairy, acrylic paint, varnish, ribbon, hot glue gun, fabric scarps

1) I painted on the fairies – using the shape of the capsule to guide me a little – i.e. the head is the capsule lid. And the fairies’ cloaks run along a little ridge that the capsules have.

2) Varnished it, to help stop the paint from crumbling.

3) Tied my ribbon into a bow and glued it on with the hot glue gun.

4) Added “padding” in the form of a scrap of old “jumper” for the tooth to rest on!


Place your tooth in the fairy:

tooth fairy

Leave your tooth fairy by or under the pillow and the next day, open your tooth fairy up to find:

tooth fairy

Red Ted is fascinated and can’t wait for his milk teeth to come out now!

Red Ted Made this one:

kinder surprise craft horsey

A horsey! Cute, no? We attached the two capsules by snapping one lid onto the second egg and the second lid onto the first…

Minion Craft Ideas - Weebles from Kindersurprise Eggs


kinder egg suprise craft kinder surprise rattle toy kinder egg surprise craft idea

1. Chick

2. Rattle

3. Penguin Locket

 kinder suprise snake kinder suprise shaker toy

4. Babushka Pin Cushion

5. Snake

6. Simple shaker

kinder suprise craft kinder suprise craft ideas kinder surprise craft

7. Crazy head

8. Wreath

9. Advent calendar

 kinder surprise crafts kinder surprise crafts

10. Table cloth weights

11. Kinder Sound (from Oma Koppa)

12. Throwing Game

Are you inspired to get crafty with Kinder Surprises? What would you make? Come back and tell me all about it!