The Kindness Elves & House

If you are a lover of all things KIDS.. and have been following the Kids Blogger community over recent years, you will no doubt have come across The Kindness Elves. Brought to life by mum of four Anna at The Imagination Tree, it went viral over the last couple of years. Not only is it a lovely idea.. get the kids to perform acts of kindness in the run up to Christmas, but Anna also shares tons of fabulous “Kindness Ideas”  that she gets her kids involved in. Making it very easy for those of us wishing to make Christmas special again. Here is a wonderful set of kindness books to browse too!

Now.. here is the exciting thing. Anna now SELLS The Kindness Elves. Not only does she sell the adorable little Kindness Elves dolls, but they come complete with a fabulous house (my 6yrs old calls is the “Love House”, where they, ahem “make love”. Bless her. All totally innocent of course).
Kindness Elves

We already have a set of the “original Pixies” (Anna and I both live in the UK, are friends… and she told me about them all those years ago.. so I was able to get a set then). So the children were familiar with the look of the dolls and what they MIGHT be for…

Here we are opening up the kindness elves box and exploring:

I ** think ** you can see that the kids are totally smitten. Especially Pip Squeak. She asked every night for 5 nights in a row whether we could sprinkle some fairy dust on them already and bring them to life. She couldn’t wait t get started and writing and talking to them.

The kids (and their visiting friend) all started writing letters to The Kindness Elves furiously and christened them Lucy and Steve! Love it.

Kindness Elves now complete with house - totally adorable

At bedtime.. I discovered The Kindness Elves tucked up in bed, with a blanket and a lovely little rug and a post box rammed full of letters. I think they get a big thumbs up from the kids!!!

From a parents point of view – the dolls are of course adorable. Each is individual and comes with its own personality, no two dolls are the same. The little house they come is, beautifully designed and sturdy and a great way place to “keep” the elves when “not in use”. I love that they come in all sorts of colours.. so plenty to choose from to suit your preferences!

I do highly recommend the use of fairy dust… that way you can control whether you the elves are “active” all year round or only during certain periods (e.g. Christmas). It can be hard work writing fairy letters all year round.

Get your own set here The Kindness Elves before they sell out!!!!