Ring Pull Tab Bracelets

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So with Earth Day coming up soon, I have been focusing on one of my favourite craft topics: Recycling!! Or crafting with recycled materials. We recently had a great post all about Uses for Shredded Paper (I had so much fun and pleasure with that) and today, I have a quirky and fun little craft that I would have ADORED as a teenage: ring pull tab bracelets (or soda pop tab bracelets for my American friends). Now I was shown how to make these by Toby from Bird Keep Toby – a fellow YouTuber on the ever so cool NextUp 2016 program at YouTube. Toby knows EVERYTHING there is about Pokemon, so if you or your kids are Pokemon fans, do check out his channel! This is a great crafts for boys and girls!

Fun Soda Pop Tab Bracelets Tutorial- these are funky upcycled bracelets that will appeal to both boys and girls. The teenagers are following these easy instructions and are going crazy for them! Make them at Summer Camp! A fabulous DIY Pop Tab Bracelet Tutorial for everyone!

Back to the ring pull tab bracelets – they are practically free to make, look fun and are a GREAT gift for friends. Watch out for different coloured ring pulls at Christmas  – when they often come in greens and reds. As to the ribbon – I keep all ribbons from gifts etc, so they are recycled too!

Ring Pull Tab Bracelets – Materials

ring pull tab bracelets - free to make and look fabulous

  • 20-28 ring pull tabs (or soda pop tabs) depending on size
  • A ribbon that fits at least 4 times around your wrist (you can use some string too)
  • 2 safety pins (makes life easier but not essential

How to Make Ring Pull Tab DIY

I am afraid on this occasion I only have a video – it is tricky to explaining without step by step photos – so please DO watch the video and don’t forget to make my day and SUBSCRIBE!!

How to make ring pull tab bracelets - free to make and look fabulous

Aren’t they FABULOUS!? Love how these Ring Pull Bracelets are cool for both boys and girls and can be enjoyed by anyone. A great gift for a friend for sure! Enjoy.

Diy Soda Pop tab bracelets - free to make and look fabulous

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