King Charles III Quiz & Facts

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With the King’s Birthday coming soon, I have updated our ueber popular Union Jack Fortune Teller Quiz, to include the King’s Coronation emblem, as well as some printable Quiz questions and fun facts about King Charles III! This is a great classroom activity, especially for KS1 and KS2, but suitable beyond too! Make sure to add this to your King’s Birthday Activities. Why not also check our King’s Coronation Activities for some more ideas.

King's Coronation Fortune Teller

The Union Jack Fortune Teller and the Coronation Fortune Teller are both free to download (it is hosted on gumroad, entere $0 at check out) and use as you wish (but not for resale!). I have created them as “blanks”, so that kids can choose their own favourite facts from our fact sheet (see an outline below!!) or write their own.

This download is hosted via gumroad and is FREE! Simply enter $0 at check for the free-bie or do leave a tip if you wish! Totally up to you.

How to make a Fortune Teller for the King’s Coronation

Start with your Union Jack face down. Then follow the generic instructions:

To make your Fortune Teller, you will need a square piece of paper. We generally cut it from an A4 sheet of paper, so measures approximately 20 x 20 cm.

How to make a Cootie Catcher Step by Step Instructions - Learn how to make a Fortune Teller and how to play with them!! Easy Origami for Kids #cootiecatcher #fortuneteller #chatterbox #origami #forkids #papercrafts #paper

Begin by folding the paper across the diagnoal in both directions – so you get a cross shape (bottom left photo)

Bring each corner towards the middle/ inside and make a neat fold (picture 4 shows the first fold).

How to make a Cootie Catcher Step by Step Instructions - Learn how to make a Fortune Teller and how to play with them!! Easy Origami for Kids #cootiecatcher #fortuneteller #chatterbox #origami #forkids #papercrafts #paper

Once you have all four folds (top right) – use your thumbs to make neat creases. Flip your paper over.

You will see another “cross” running across you paper.

Again, bring each corner in and fold towards the middle (as per bottom right photo).

How to make a Cootie Catcher Step by Step Instructions - Learn how to make a Fortune Teller and how to play with them!! Easy Origami for Kids #cootiecatcher #fortuneteller #chatterbox #origami #forkids #papercrafts #paper

Once you have all for folds, fold in half (as per top right), open and fold in half again in the other direction. Just to create some creases.

Now comes the “only” tricky bit.. you need to squeeze all four sides in towards each other as per the bottom left images.

Then lift each outside flap to make your Cootie Catcher! ENJOY!!!

So if you have ever wondered how do you make an origami fortune teller, I do hope you now have your answer!

King Charles III Quiz Questions and Fun Facts

These questions and facts are also included in the printable download above (go finds the big red button with the words “Click for your Printable”). The idea is for students to pick their favourite facts and add them to their fortune teller and to quiz each other!

King Charles III Quiz – Fun, Facts & Trivia

Q1: What was King Charles III former title? A1: King Charles III was known as the Prince of Wales

Q2: When was King Charles III born? A2: 14th November 1948

Q3: King Charles III is the oldest new monarch in history. How old was he when he became king? A3: 72 years, 298 days

Q4: When is the King’s official birthday (not his real birthday)? A4: The 2nd Saturday of June

Q5: How will the King’s official birthday be celebrated? A5: With the Trooping the Colours

Q6: When did King Charles III become King? A6: 8 September 2022 at age of 72 years (oldest “new” King in history)

Q7: Where and what did King Charles III study? A7: King Charles III went to Cambridge University and studied history, anthropology and archaeology. The first UK monarch to attend university!

Q8: What unusual languages does King Charles III speak? A8: As the Princes of Wales, he learnt to speak Welsh and still speaks it today.

Q9: What else is King Charles III known for? A9: King Charles III has founded over 20 charities in his life time. He is well known for his environmental work and for the work of The Prince’s Trust that helps support vulnerable young people.

Q10: Who are King Charles III’s children? And who is next in line? A10: King Charles III has 2 sons with Diana, Princes of Wales – Prince William and Harry. Prince William is next in line to the throne. Prince William is now the Prince of Wales in his place.

Q11: What does King Charles III like to do in his spare time? A11: He is known to enjoy painting – especially using watercolours!

Q12: What sport does King Charles III like? A12: King Charles III is known for his love of polo.

Q13: What is King Charles III favourite food? A13: Apparently King Charles III loves Italian food!

Q14: When is King Charles III’s coronation? A14: The coronation of King Charles III is on the 6th May 2023.

Other fun facts!

The Frog

King Charles III has an Ecuadorian tree frog named after him – the Hyloscritus Princecharlesi

Children’s Books

King Charles III has written  a children’s books called The Old Man of Lochnagar.

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