Kodak Big App – Ideas and Suggestions

Some of you may have seen my post about decorating for Pip Squeak’s birthday, as well as Red Ted’s Solar System Wall Art… We got crafty with Kodak’s Big App. It is a great and easy online tool that lets you great large scale wall art on your home printer in minutes. Combine it with Kodak’s new ink cartridges and you have an affordable way of creating great wall art and decorations for your home… and the great thing is, that you can update them as often as you like!

First we created this solar system. It looks fantastic in Red Ted’s bedroom.

And then we had another go with this blossom photo for Pip Squeak’s room. She has a tiny little box room and this wall art gives it the feel of having an extra window. Brightening it up immensely. I like the idea of recreating the four seasons and regularly swapping them all around. For now, though we have spring:

Over on the BritMums Blog, there is a Big App linky challenge running. Make sure you take part for your chance to win some great Kodak prizes.

These are some of the entries so far that I really like:

Boo and Me has this ADORABLE seaside photo:

How cute is that?

I love Middle England Mum’s idea of making some of their photos into Christmas gifts. And particularly love this very colourful photo:

Shell Louise had a go with this really fun photo, it is for decorating their bedroom. Lovely!:

So, we have decorated the kid’s bedrooms, as well as creating some party decorations. We have had some ideas for Christmas, as well as for decorating your own bedroom..

What would you make with The Big App? Be sure to have a go and join the fun!

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