Make a 3d My Little Pony Art Project with Hitch!

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A big hello to all My Little Pony Fans! We are so excited about the new movie My Little Pony: A New Generation coming out! Are you?! To celebrate, we have a fabulous and free My Little Pony printable for you! It is a 3D art project of one of the My Little Pony characters in the new movie: Hitch, sheriff of Maretime Bay! Let’s get art and crafty!

About the movie:

The unimaginable has happened…Equestria has lost its magic! Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasiare no longer friends and now live separated by species. But idealistic Earth Pony Sunny (Vanessa Hudgens) is determined to find a way to bring enchantment and unity back to their world. Teaming up with open-hearted Unicorn Izzy (Kimiko Glenn), the pair travel to faraway lands where they encounter the likes of charismatic and brave Pegasi Pipp (Sofia Carson) and Zipp (Liza Koshy) and the ever-responsible fellow Earth Pony Hitch (James Marsden). Their mission is full of misadventures, but these new best friends each possess their own unique and special gifts that may be just what this ponyverse needs to restore magic and prove that even little ponies can make a big difference.

My Little Pony: A New Generation is available to watch on Netflix from Friday 24 September

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MATERIALS – You will need:

  • Our free My Little Pony 3D Coloring Page printable (2 pages),
  • Scissors,
  • Glue stick,
  • Colouring Pens or markers

How to create Hitch, the sheriff of Maretime Bay:

1) Download the printable! There are 2 pages: one is the actual Coloring Page and the second we will create the 3D cone shaped head.

2) Start off by colouring the colouring page, head and hair.

3) Then cut out the head shape and hair. Make a cut towards the middle along the red line.

4) Add glue to the indicated area. Create a cone like shape by moving the opposite end of the cut over the area we just added glue to.

5) Hitch needs his gorgeous aquamarine coloured hair. Add glue to the bottom part of the hair and on the side that you did not colour.

6) Now we will glue the head on to the colouring page. Add glue to the back of ears and hair and place it on the indicated area with the circle on the colouring page. Wait until dry before picking up your creation.

Congratulations! DONE!!!

I hope, you enjoyed this craft and are as excited as we are to give it a go and watch the movie!

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